Her bags are packed, she’s ready to go. As Lucy enters the last final weeks of her pregnancy she has been re-catagorised high risk. Let us know in comments if this has happened to you. [More]
Lauren gives us a detailed look through her notes and shares her baby brain tales. Did you suffer from baby brain when you were pregnant? How did you cope? More from Lauren: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqYu0GJ_UGMkg8_Z2lNUNtn4pq9_6FK5Z Subscribe here [More]
My First Trimester Pregnancy Diary Heart shaped sunglasses: https://rstyle.me/n/c6gq5eb2j2f www.Kavitacola.com
Pregnancy Diary at 21 weeks – second baby. You can read all of the first pregnancy diaries here: http://www.theuphill.com/category/pregnancy/pregnancy-diary/ The website for the sedum roof people (random!) is https://www.ansgroupglobal.com My name is Ruth Crilly, I’m [More]
The Uphill Blog: http://www.theuphill.com This is part of my early pregnancy diary. I tried to film as I went along, just to document my fears and symptoms, so please be aware that these videos aren’t [More]
This is my first Vlog on my pregnancy journey so please be kind! I am 15 weeks +3 days and due February 14th 2016. I have been obsessed with watching peoples online blogs from TTC [More]
From ‘morning’ (yeah right) sickness, to excessive crying and nesting; we’ve all been there. Welcome to the first three months of pregnancy!
My Pregnancy Diary Part 1: 1st Trimester, Week 4
http://www.diaryofapregnancy.com Read a diary of a pregnancy understand the and see what happens by reading our pregnancy diary
I discuss last week’s symptoms, doctor’s appointment, second anatomy scan, baby shower invitations, more baby decor items.
5 weeks 4 days pregnant YAY!!!!. Sorry so late. feeling really tired lately.
I discuss symptoms, baby registry, cribs, Baby Jogger stroller, baby purchases, nursery ideas, and of course I show my belly.
33 weeks down…with about 7 more to go! Blog: http://ch0senvessel.wordpress.com Twitter: bee_reen
Getting over a cold so I still sound congested. I discuss pregnancy symptoms, the cold, and I show what I purchased from Carseat Canopy. Carseat Canopy: Http://www.carseatcanopy.com Offer code: WTECHRISTMAS
Join me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nicolelilolme.ivfmiracle Hey thanks for watching! We are the Orange family. Subscribe to my channel to watch our Journey to baby #1(and now baby # 2 ! ) We were ttc [More]
Hi all! This is my first pregnancy video diary entry! I am 16 weeks here. Through the course of my pregnancy, I gained about 35 pounds, which put me at about 160 when I was [More]
I go over quite a bit this week – symptoms, nursery decor, childbirth classes, prenatal yoga & baby shower plans. Blog: http://ch0senvessel.wordpress.com | Twitter: bee_reen
Hey Guys! It is me again … OBVIOUSLY :/ Made a video for you to watch OR not! Choice is yours?? Please feel free to subscribe to me on here or on my personal facebook [More]
My Pregnancy Diary, Week 11.5 20 year old mom Yea, I talk about my complactions, and my questions.. Ask ME ANYTHING……
I go over quite a bit this week: symptoms, deals I picked up from a baby consignment sale as well as Ross and Marshall’s, stretch mark prevention, and my attempt at a gender ultrasound. My [More]
In this week’s video: 23 weeks pregnant symptoms, glucose tolerance screening, 24 week prenatal visit & a sneak peek at my DIY nursery projects. If you’re interested in creating nursery wall letters, check out SweetJordan87’s [More]
YouTube rejected the length of my video, check out part one at – http://youtu.be/3qSxMkH2Xsg Thank you to umrvballgirl for showing the Munchkin Damp Good Bag and Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser in your [More]
Hey guys~! So here is my 15 weeks pregnancy diary! In this clip I talk about body products I’m using, my weight and weight gain and a little bit about cravings. I hope you guys [More]
Herkese merhabalar, 24 ve 25. hafta hamilelik günlüğü videoma hoş geldiniz!. Videoda bahsettiğim Yoga çalma listem: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNbdDQEvbg5QvSxggJjIg5ZEw9x3gfkRD www.instagram.com/aysenazgram www.twitter.com/aysenazhelvasi www.youtube.com/aysenazable
Herkese merhabalar, İşte 23. haftada hamilelik günlüğüm. Bu videoda sizlere; – Acıbadem Fulya Hastanesi!ndeki Hamilelik yogası – Acıbadem Fulya Hastanesi!ndeki Doğuma Hazırlık Semineri www.instagram.com/aysenazgram www.twitter.com/aysenazhelvasi www.youtube.com/aysenazable
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