This video has some tips and tricks on how to carry your infant and prevent neck injuries. Access this video and hundreds of articles on my blog at
With a little one you are constantly having to adapt how you hold and carry them based on their strength and head control. Here are some options as well as descriptions of what they might [More]
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Love & Carry® Stretchy Wrap is best for newborns, providing soft and complete support for the infant from heels to the head. This video will teach you how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry. More [More]
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to present our Antenatal Education Class, a patient information video. We hope that the following short videos and slides will help answer some of the questions you [More]
In this video I’ll show you how to carry your little one with a traditional African Kanga. This is commonly called the “kanga carry.” This wrap was purchased from Amani Ya Juu. Amani is a [More]
Do you want to develop body flexibility? Please, subscribe to the channel Full body workout program – Art of stretching on Amazon All all purpose S-HUBme compression stocking Blog 40%OFF Compression [More]
Are you hesitant to carry your baby because you think he’s too fragile, and you might hurt him? Here’s a step-by-step video so you could hold him with confidence.
How to do an off centre carry with a ring sling safely. This is suitable for younger babies if the usual upright carry is hard to achieve; baby rests in the recovery position high up [More]
How to get a baby safely on and off your back on your own with a Connecta Baby Carrier, once child has appropriate head and upper body control (sitting up/6months).
GIVEAWAY: This demo shows the advantage your newborn will have in this great carrier (that you could win)! You also might like: • Catbird Baby Mei Tai Newborn Infant Demo + GIVEAWAY • [More]
A video showing how to get baby in a back carry position in a Tula. Make sure baby is ready for this position before wearing.
An easy way to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (here with a 16 months old baby), which is comfortable for baby, comfortable for you, and makes the most of a double-sided wrap, still offering [More]
Easy wrapping tutorials at Wrapping a little baby on my back with legs out in a back wrap cross carry. I show how to place baby over your shoulder, and also how to place [More]
Dr. Stephen McAvoy, OB/GYN of Aurora West Allis Medical Center discusses why it is important for the health of both mother and baby to carry the pregnancy to full term and what health complications may [More]
This video will show you how to do a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry in your Snuggy Baby Stretchy wrap. This is a great popable carry so you can take the baby in and out without [More]
After visiting a Mano a Mano clinic in Cochabamba for a check-up, a Bolivian mother shows the traditional way that babies are carried in the Andean highlands.
this is how to wrap a baby on your back african style!…great for when you need your hands for doing dishes, cooking etc….and baby feels close to you, hears your heart beat, sees what you’re [More]
NOTE: Be sure to use a woven wrap for back carries – not a stretchy wrap. Stretchy wraps should never be used for back carries. I made this video when my son was 7 months [More]
As seen on, hands-free nursing in a baby wrap carrier. I show how to tie the wrap and how to position your baby for supportive nursing. I’m at the park and chased after my [More]
Subscribe Now: Watch More: Making a sling to carry a baby is something that you can do using tools that are probably already around your house. Find out how to make a sling [More]
This is a demonstration on how to do a high back carry with the Tula Baby Carrier. I’m using a Standard sized Half Wrap Conversion made with Oscha Japanese Knots. The sound is a tad [More]
This is a quick tutorial with a demo doll on wrapping your new baby with a soft stretchy wrap. Stretchy wraps are ONLY safe for front carries (NEVER back carries). The wrap used here is [More]
Learn from experienced babywearing trainer, Shelley from A Nest by my Chest, how to put an older baby who would like to have their feet out of the sling in the tummy to tummy – [More]
Carry with care: How to keep your baby safe in a sling is a short film about how to position your baby safely in a sling. For more information about baby sling safety go to [More]
These are instructions for the Classic Carrying Style in a Solly Baby Wrap, best for babies 8 lbs and up. Learn more on our website
Video showing how to carry 2 year old twins in Ergo Baby carriers
Learn a simple woven wrap technique to carry your newborn or bigger baby. The Sleep Store’s instructions for a front Wrap Cross Carry are simple to follow & will help you confidently carry your newborn [More]
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