A pregnant woman tells where the baby position and shows how big belly she has
The Benefits of YOGA during Pregnancy, Labour and beyond!
This video was taken on May 3, 2009. This is the last video of my pregnant belly, because Lyra was born the next day.
In this bumpdate I talk about my birth plan, body changes, and little Ollie! I’m so excited that you all finally know his name! If you don’t, go watch with the link below! Hurry! before [More]
http://www.midlandsconnect.com Having cravings while pregnant doesn’t mean forget about your figure but more importantly your health. Janet Parker sits down with fitness expert Christy Seguin and new mom Traci Abraham on how Traci got her [More]
Check out my last pregnancy vlog! (Weeks 17 & 18) Check out my latest beauty video! (Summer Pop of Color Tutorial) Watch my wearable Maleficent tutorial & enter the big giveaway! On me: Jouer Luminizing [More]
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Human Birth is Inspiring – Baby in Mother’s Womb Animation. odysee Music: ohdae – soo Very inspiring video that shows how a bady is grown in mothers womb. Used under fair use law! Original video [More]
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