Make your own pregnancy belly cast using a pregnancy belly cast kit. Fun and easy to do. Both Deluxe Belly Cast and Basic Belly Cast Kits are available. After you have made your belly cast, [More]
Private Art Class by International Artists Rose Litsey and Brent Litsey. Book your classes today. Private Studio workshop with Apartment: View Our eBay Gallery: Art For Sale by these famous artists held in [More]
A Quick Video For Your Faces To Enjoy! 😀 (!!Click Show More!!) My sister ordered a belly cast so we decided to put it on (and film it). It took about 25 minutes overall and [More]
Proudbody Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit Review Select link here to get more detailed Customer Reviews and Best selling price:
I am no longer belly casting, I have a new project you can check out at See how easy it is to make a belly cast by Belly of Love. Australian Made Earth Friendly [More]
I attempted to document us casting my baby bump lol. Note to self: Learn to edit video….. To do this we used: A reclining beach chair, tarp/newspaper, vaseline (all over any exposed skin to protect [More]
Some mothers choose to make a cast of their pregnant belly- this video shows you how to do it
I am no longer belly casting, I have a new project you can check out at Our Mosaiced belly cast is a favourite from our belly casting gallery. Here’s how we ( ) [More]
Doing this Belly Casting was really fun! Hi! Im Nicole and I vlog my life through the ups and downs of infertility. After years of clomid and puregon injections We have one son, Roman ( [More]
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Join us in another Fly by Family adventure! Welcome to the family! FOLLOW US! Twitter – Mitchell: Twitter – Ashley: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Google+: Goodreads: SEND US SOME [More]
Please read below dont forget to thumbs up if you enjoy and subscribe if you havent already! just thought id share these clips of my first baby shower which was a lovely surprise very lucky [More]
Follows an Aboriginal Maternity Health Services worker through the process of making Boorai (baby) casts with young mothers, describing the uses of the process in engaging young parents in sexual and reproductive health.
Belly Casts Ideas For Pregnant Women. All natural kits. Your pregnant belly using our pregnancy belly painting kit
Buy on amazon: ProudBody’s basic pregnancy belly cast kit is affordable but with no sacrifice in quality. Everything is included to enable an expecting mom to create a basic belly cast. This kit does [More]
Notes* Cut the material before you start because you want this to go as fast as possible and after you have it all on sit in front of a fan. Be sure to pee before [More]
I show you how you can cast a pregnant belly.
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Thank you Mariana for the Wonderful gift!!! Belly cast done at 37 weeks and 2 days! Baby Art Belly Kit / Creative Baby Souvenirs. Dad did most of work, but i had to put my [More]
I Used the Proud Body Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit You can purchase this kit from Babies R US or Target Subscribe Here Loves PROMOTE YOUR CHANNEL HERE! Get your T- shirts Here! [More]
Do you love your baby bump so much, you want to keep it forever? You can with a life-sized cast of your pregnant belly, painted by an artist to suit your specifications. Parents TVs Anne [More]
WATCH BELLY PROGRESSION BEHIND THE SCENES DAILY FAMILY VLOGS ↓↓↓ Click for More ↓↓↓ My belly may not be perfect. But it’s his. Like the Bumps Along the Way Facebook Page [More]
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Our Hailie having a wiggle & kick :3 Watch closely! We love our little girl so much :’) xoxox
Baby kicking in my belly. I think I see a foot!
Baby Giavanna moving in mommy’s belly. 9 months pregnant
At 9 months pregnant, my baby is stretching me to the limits- with her feet!
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