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This video is about preg progresion
9 MONTHS PREGNANT BELLY… READY TO POP! // Ashley is officially full term with baby #2. Kylie is becoming a sassy two-nager. Mike busts out his new electric snow blower. **NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, [More]
Doctors say most women will have some degree of abdominal separation during and after pregnancy, but some have so much tearing they could require surgery to fix it.
We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries for this particular kind of workout! Post-pregnancy belly is very common in new moms and I know a lot of you want to become fit again! This is [More]
Today is the next episode of TWIN TUESDAY’S! Today is a different style of video it’s a vlog! I’ve been admitted to the childrens hospital due to pre term labour and I’m going to document [More]
Belly moving pregnant with twins, 36 weeks.
Gipsabdruck Babybauch Set mit Händen “Heart Belly”. Im Shop kaufen und selber machen Im Atelier Stolzenburg – Belly Deluxe professionell anfertigen lassen
What do you do with a giant, 39 week 6 day pregnant, belly? Let someone use it as a painting canvas! In this video I let my, VERY talented (I’m jelly), sister paint my belly. [More]
Hello everyone this is our VLOG #3. I am a first time mom with twins. In this video I will show you guys how my belly progressed and how my two little angels grew inside [More]
Welcome to Erky’s World! DIY Pregnancy Belly Cast | 33 Weeks Pregnant Yes I did the pregnancy belly casting by myself! It is doable! Haha. Enjoy! Jump to… 3:16 Belly cast THANK YOU SO MUCH [More]
PREGNANCY TIME LAPSE | PREGNANT BELLY GROWING WEEK BY WEEK! // Watch my pregnant belly grow in this pregnancy progression from week 6 through week 38 and birth of baby #2! **NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY, [More]
Ever heard of Belly Painting, or know how to do Belly Mapping? It was new to us but something offered at our Optimal Maternal Positioning Antenatal class and we thought it would be a fun [More]
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Hello my friends! I am doing a fun BONUS video this week to share my pregnancy belly progression. Watch as my pregnant belly grows from 4 weeks to 20 weeks pregnant. It’s so fun to [More]
Why is my pregnancy belly smaller in the morning? Is it because you are not wearing those loose fitting clothes to hide how big you are? It is not due to fashion choices. My answer [More]
Ladies are really concerned when they come for a visit around their 2nd trimester and they say that their belly is not growing, the belly not growing at 16th week or 18thweek is not a [More]
Just a quick update… there really isn’t much more to talk about other than the changes to my body.
*HI FRIENDS* I can’t believe I’m already 6 months pregnant!! In my 21-24 week pregnancy update with baby #1, I feel like I’ve finally popped! I fit into my maternity clothes much better, but I [More]
Hey you! Welcome to my 20 weeks pregnancy update and bumpdate! I can’t believe we have officially hit the half way mark. Today I am talking about baby’s size at 20 weeks, as well as [More]
Baby boy symptom during pregnancy from Belly button Baby gender Prediction during pregnancy Watch this video in English at : Kindly also subscribe to our baby care centric channel “Mom in India” Thanks for [More]
27 WEEKS PREGNANT UPDATE / BELLY SHOT! / 27 WEEKS BUMPDATE – Welcome to my 27 weeks pregnancy update and bumpdate! Today I am talking about my symptoms at 6 months pregnant including baby’s size [More]
Hi everyone! Another pregnancy video! I promise they will catch-up soon! This was from when I was 5 weeks pregnant, including my early symptoms, how I was feeling, and a belly shot. I hope you [More]
How crazy the mother nature is! From a single cell.. there is a human being at the end with fingers and toes. This is so incredible! I am very excited to share with you my [More]
BABY BELLY MOVING AT 23 WEEKS! // Kylie feels her baby sister kick from the outside for the first time! Ashley shows you what baby’s kicks look like from the outside! Mike calls out the [More]
We can’t believe how good it came out!! What Do you guys think?? BTW We are doing a brand new GIVEAWAY **iPhone 11** watch the video to learn how to ENTER!! If you’re new here, [More]
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Cara gets a super cute teddy bear painted on her pregnant belly! Super cute too! Come check it out. Like & Subscribe for more family fun videos! Playlists Game Time – Pop the Mystery [More]
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