This is an awesome, short video of what to expect when your 9 months pregnant! If you know anyone trying to get pregnant and can’t then have them check out this link:
First time I actually caught her on tape! =) I’ll try to get some more! *29 weeks pregnant*
Sorry the video is blurry. It was 2am, I got up because I was very uncomfortable, and I recorded this without any contacts in or glasses on, so I couldn’t actually see what I was [More]
Yes, I admit it looks a bit creepy but it’s mommy’s and daddy’s little miracle foolin’ around in my belly! Week 31 (30+2)
I keep on trying filming our baby’s movement but with no luck, but this time I finally caught him/her?!
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No idea what this baby’s doing, but it is so much fun
I finally got it on camera the very first outside my belly kicks
Here’s a little video (pardon the quality) of my very active little boy at 23 weeks… I tried adding some arrows to indicate the next moves for those that “don’t see it”.
Baby beveger seg i magen, 38 uker gravid Baby kicking like crazy, 38 weeks pregnant
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
CRAZY video of my 30 wk baby bump as my son decides to completely rearrange himself in my belly– Toward the end of the video is the craziest! 😉 Like something out of Alien! At [More]
Here is my baby in utero at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant moving her foot across my entire belly! I think these movements feel SO weird but at the same time, it is SO freakin’ incredible [More]
Our baby is really starting to kick hard! I can’t wait to see her!
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32 week old fetus are so responsive to touch.
Our daughter kicking my belly as we watch trailers for games. First kick is at 00:15 she kicks about 4-5 times to the left
my baby moving inside my belly at 14 weeks Our Little Baby Girl going crazy in my tummy ♥ I have felt our little girl moving since I was 14 weeks pregnant. With every week that passes she gets stronger and moves [More]
Our baby moving around in his mom’s belly at 33 weeks Between 10-15 seconds into the video is the best shot!
Baby Kicking – The Belly View such an active baby!
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