Your Body After Baby

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When I had my first baby, recovering from childbirth was difficult. So when I got pregnant again, I knew I needed to be prepared. A friend of mine told me about an amazing postpartum recovery girdle called Bellefit that helped her get back into her pre­-pregnancy shape fast.
So I went home and visited their website to learn more about Bellefit
I used their EASY Online girdle sizing tool which recommended the right size and girdle for my body type. Within minutes I chose and ordered my girdle! AND Bellefit shipped it to me super fast.
After my baby was born, I slipped on my Bellefit girdle and I began feeling better right away!
The girdle supported my delicate core with medical grade compression that is safe and effective.
Wearing my Bellefit Girdle allowed me to hold my newborn and play with my toddler without pain.
And the best part? In just a few days, I was able to fit into my
pre-pregnancy jeans and felt great way sooner than when my first baby was born.
Now, don’t just take my word for it, hear the success stories of
Bellefit moms from around the world on our YouTube channel.
Ready to get started? It’s easy. Start by using the Bellefit Choosing and Sizing online calculator to learn your recommended sizes and styles based on your body shape and childbirth delivery type. Pick your girdle or bundle and you’ll be on your way to an easy and secure online checkout process.
But don’t forget to first take a look at our line of compression shape wear, our modal nursing gowns and prenatal support products. Bellefit® Maternity brings you the essentials to help you through all of the stages of your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.
So go on and get started. Go to or call us toll free at 888-894-2951 and speak to a Bellefit sizing specialist today!


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