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Armaan Thind says:

Fuck the guy who killed him

WunderWaffel says:

I was never really that much of an X fan other than liking his hype songs like look at me and the ones with ski mask. I never took time to listen to his slower songs. I think even though X had lots of rough edges, he was still trying to better himself. You can see he was trying to make a positive change, not only in his own life but in others. X really didn't deserve to die. And if you see people commenting that he's not dead, please don't be rude and tell them that they're being disrespectful toward his family. You have to remember, the first stage of grief is denial. Rip X 6/18/18 ❤

Lamont Waldron says:

Wow when he die he gain 4 mil subs

Djess Tsh says:

rip brother

Juliana Ambrose says:

why r all his songs about death

savage1515 YTyoutuber says:

When I headerd he died I started to cry

FDabwj says:


Heliox Gaming says:

The thing that made x death worse is that no one expected for him to die, so young and talented and all happened in 1 day! Shocked everyone, rip x I’m sure ur in a better place (from ur fans)

Lucidchan says:

I miss you…

Colebaby Games says:

Rest In Peace my guy

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