Wrap your tummy to recovery after pregnancy embracing motherhood

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www.embracingmotherhood.com Wrap your tummy post birth. Learn how to use our tummy wrap straight after giving birth to lose inches off your stomach. It will help shrink your tummy, help support your uterus and get your stomach back to your pre pregnancy size. This is a tool next to exercise and healthy eating. Traditional binding has been used in many cultures to help women recover well.


PaXia Vue says:

Nice, It looks very comfortable. I customized one too with velcro. Now
hopefully I’ll make one that won’t be so coarse. 

Kiesha Hunter says:

Hello I have a question can I use a girdle or an ace bandage to flatten my
tummy even tho my daughter is 5rys old?? I am just now hearing about this..
please answer back.

Misscherryvang says:

How can you get this! I need a LEGIT number and store! asap!

Embracemotherhood says:

It is great for after having a c-section because it helps to support the
abdomen while it heals. As every one is individual always ask your doctor
for approval first.

raxanacastillo says:

I went to the website and I cant find it anywhere nor cud I call the number
is wrong or not in service

gudaviah says:

every mother I know has told me how important it is to have a wrap similar
to this. Something to pull your belly in after you have a baby, Consider it
an investment.

Embracemotherhood says:

The tummy wrap is $95.00 + $10.00 Shipping. The Tummy wrap can offer great
back support, for best results it should be worn in the first 6-8 weeks
post birth.

harjit kaur says:

i delivered my baby on 13 march now i use it or not?as it 6 weeks completed

lcedprincess says:

I would say u could use this up to a year after birth i now i did an am
doing it again i never did this in the first month i was tired but it works.

girl08er says:

@katiab30 i had horrific stretch marks and loose skin after my first. took
about a year but i ended up with faint lines and no sag over my abs in the
end and, at 9 months with my second, had nothing new and no stretching of
the old stuff. i eat chicken bone broth frequently and make sure i get
plenty of zinc. these are the building blocks for connective tissue.

Fari106 says:

I think you tie ur waist band too much, this is why your waist is a lil
extra thinner compared to your body.

morrisdeidre says:

how much does this cost?

phazhara says:

Can I use this after 6months of delivery??? will it works???

kslmc1sl says:

You can get them from the maternity hospitals at least in Australia you
can. Same thing works with belly flattening underwear. Its the same
principle as compression tubes. And to be hones the tubes are more
comfortable. This def works.


How/where can I buy this band??

Katia B says:

Re: post baby bellies-muscle tone & skin elasticity are 2 different things.
You could eat healthy, exercise, do everything right but not look great. In
other words, the muscle underneath could be good but the skin on top’s lost
its tone. I knew someone who was sz 0 b4 baby. 8 wks later she lost all the
weight but 3 lbs & fit into her sz 0 jeans again. BUT 8 mos. later her
belly skin was still all crinkly; I think it’s genetic. She still looks
amazing in clothes, but her skin itself, not so much

morrisdeidre says:

ok… i see how much it costs, but can i use this product even if i am not
a new mum. I just want to reduce the bulge in my belly. Will this wok for

horses4evr3 says:

So instead of spending $105 on this b/c it’s labeled for “pregnancy use”
Just go out and by yourself a kidney belt/ back support belt… same thing
but much cheaper

SeXyEmqReSs89 says:

I wear a faja my mother in law encouraged me to wear it after my pregnancy
it only cost $80 and it works better dan that belt

loveedigveggies1004 says:

great video , can you still do this if you are having a c-section?

girl08er says:

@CherryWang5 babies r us has the one she is showing. it’s like $10-15 i
think. i got mine free from ny doc after each c section.

albanushe says:

where can u find the website ? because when i click the website it doesnt
work. maybe there are other places u can buy ? can someone help.


Kindly advice where can we order this belt.

coolkidmars says:

can this help you to lose weight ?

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