Will Donald Trump Actually Leave the White House? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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President Trump rallies Fox News pundits and GOP leaders alike to defend his refusal to concede, and the White House blocks Joe Biden’s transition efforts. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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Lloyd Dobler says:

How is this all okay? Should be jail time for treason to the Constitution

Ma Ru says:

Two months is a good enough time to throw tantrums. January 20th will end all these. People will be singing "That'll be the day when you say good bye…"

Kirsten’s Corner says:

Why are all the people who are standing up for Trump using the same hand gestures as he does..?

Fred Ballack says:

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Lane Minor says:

I agree that Trump and the rest want to undermine the election, I truly do. And I voted for Biden. I prank called Trump's stupid report fraud hotline. But, I do acknowledge that he has the right to call bullshit. He has no evidence, true, but liberals and lefties shouldn't be outraged or scared that Trump is doing this. Without any evidence, Trump will lose. The same way Demos did with the impeachment trial. It is legal, outlandish, yes, but legal, for Trump to question suspicious activity. He's overstepping, but not enough to prevent the egg from hitting his face.

Rami Azul DZDDZD says:

I can't take this I am Moving to Canada Mr Nioah

Rami Azul DZDDZD says:

wow wake up America

James Nordblom says:

Ever notice how GOP leaders have such ugly faces? Maybe because they have ugly thoughts.

so here we are says:

is that minister ok?!! Ridiculo

Roger Torrez says:

Why is trump doing all this? it just depresses me seeing all this damn stuff

Fiona says:

That was to weird that guy laughing Odd

B Rose says:

How embarrassing … Kenneth Copeland, McConell, Graham, Hannity, etc. How delusional

Trex_ son says:

i definielty said that laughing man was the devil days ago, more like weeks ago, that laugh made my screen crawl, painful to listen to.

someone somebody says:

legends says he's still laughing

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