What to pack in baby’s hospital bag? Newborn essentials for the first days – Monika Daily

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Hey guys here is what I packed for my baby to take to hospital. I was trying to be very minimalist this time as I didn’t use half the stuff I had for my first baby. Do you think there is anything else I need???? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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sejv21 says:

great to c uk versions of these advices- good video!

Jumz Hoque says:

Such a good practical advice unlike other videos which are all showy!

Connie says:

When you are in labour your metabolism slows down so its good not to take loads of food but a few snack bit for partner and after labour is recommend and even put a little change in the bag for vending machines

Rani Rani says:

Best place to get tiny clothes from is h&m

J North says:

fab video. can i ask where you got your maternity top from? it's gorgeous :) thanks x

Daisy Dyson says:

you forgot o pack a dummy

JoLynKell California says:

I see you use chemical free wipes but what about the diapers?

Martinez ziana says:

i like the cloth ylu paked

FiveMinutesandUs says:

Thanks for sharing.. Packing our bag soon!!

olga Cruz says:

Hola mamá bebé

Alicja Makowiecka says:

Ona.jest w ciąży

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