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What My Stomach Looks Like After Giving Birth! My body has gone through a lot of changes over the last 9 months which I have shown in my pregnancy update videos! Now I show you what my stomach looks like 5 weeks postpartum and discuss how my body has changed since giving birth!

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Krishna Prasad GKP says:

Good information

sharshie h says:

She doesn't blink….and I love it

SuzieG Boum says:

I’m not sure if you are still a body piercer but I only just saw you were on a video. I’d be interested to hear any crazy story’s or even you doing the more difficult piercings if that is allowed or a video compilation of pictures of some of the work you’ve done and information on what some of the risks are for particular piercings and what you have to do precaution wise to avoid a disaster !

Boring Vlogs says:

Please post again Tara

dahvie_vanity_is_my_life says:

Have you dropped YouTube?

nobody says:

I miss you so much! Hope you're doing okay and that everything is well <3

Joe Monette says:

Please post another updated video of what you look like now!!!

Gabriel Zamora says:

They look like flames! You should get em inked in.

Mandy says:

Hope you are doing well xx

vanessa garcia says:

At lease you dont have wrinkles

Jose roberto Acosta angulo says:

I love you tara

Cinnamon Bun says:

You look amazing considering you just had a baby

Ray And TT says:

Also, I kinda just let nature do what it does, and my stomach is pretty flat now! It’s not perfect obviously but it’s pretty decently flat

Ray And TT says:

Hey! So my belly looked the EXACT same way as yours, stretch marks and everything! They do fade though. My daughter is 2 now and my stretch marks are white now!!!

Theodora Bundy says:

Are you putting oil on them

MK says:

I watch this video whenever I think about having kids and then it sends me right back to not wanting them lol. I love my body too much

Alyssa Rosell says:

My stretch Mark's are very peachy colored. Never really been dark. But you are beautiful.

Lisa Herring says:

your stretch marks look like angel wings

May Wavy says:

Your body is changing fast, my mom was pregnant for 8 months and my brother is now 3 years old and the strech marks are still there

noelle101 says:

I still have the line too, gave birth 4 months ago!

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