What Michael Pollan Learned from Quitting Caffeine for 3 Months

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keema Lewis says:

he learn that life is treacherous without it, bye. 3 days without it and i had the worse adrenaline rush to lift a car.

Buddy's DIY says:

I honestly used to drink 6 cups of strong coffee a day. Probably more coffee than anyone I know.
I cold turkey stopped when I got the flu and I never had caffeine again. My experience was literally almost nothing. My body adapted to not needing it for energy anymore.

This guy is over exaggerating more than Anything I've ever listened to.

Tommy Thompson says:

Joe Rogan is the REAL DEAL and his guests are amazing.

Tommy Rokka says:

I have quit coffee twice in my life. I'm currently on my second stint and have been caffeine free for over a year. I used to drink at least 13 coffees a day and now I don't have any. I feel much better for it even though I still love the taste and smell of it

The Red Blue Belt says:

Caffeine from green tea and black tea helps me go to the bathroom better than anything. Cleans out my body before every workout. But on days I rest from the gym, I also rest from caffeine. I’m extra tired on those rest days, but it’s important to detox my body from the caffeine.

Mladen Gochev says:

FFS i am immune to addictions to any kind of drugs cuz i have the strongest one
PC i cant get any drugs cuz they do shit to me i cant USE THE PC coffee is 1 of them as well

Enlor says:

Kratom is good and so are benzos

JamesO says:

Mike Pollan after his 3 months are up:

Doesnt Matter says:

Maybe we are all addicted to caffeine because there is only one kind of decaf no blends or different styles of roast. I don’t even think it usually says where it’s from. Boo that

Doesnt Matter says:

Damn it free drugs and free time. Shite on that


Thank you, Michael Pollen… Been telling people about coffee for years. It's magic.

Mike Ryan says:

Mr Farkus Quote. I just switched to Sanka So Please Have A Heart.

Jo C says:

This is nonsense.

Stephanie S. says:

They will have to pry the cup out of my cold dead hand.

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