What is the Healthy Diet for Children? | Dr. Roshan Kore

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Healthy food is what children require in their childhood. Without healthy food, it is impossible for them to receive proper nutrition. A healthy diet is a way that you can provide the appropriate nutrition to your kids.

Dr. Roshan Kore, Consultant Clinical Nutritionist and Senior Dietician at SRCC Children’s Hospital, Mumbai, shared detailed information about the healthy diet pan for the children. As a parent, you have to follow the same healthy diet plan to provide all-around nutrition to your children.

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nisha singh says:

What to do??

nisha singh says:

Tqsm ma'm… But my baby doesnot have all nutients regularly… Many times she don't eat food..

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Mam mera baby 1 years ka h kuch khata nhi h kamjor bhi h

Amruta kore says:

it is safe to give multivitamin syrups

golla raju says:

I love you girl Raj

A D says:

Thank you mam for tips

Win _cie says:

i am feeding my kids nothing but Whiskas Temptations and Fancy Feast

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Hello mam mera beta 2saal ka hune wala he vo sirf dudh pita he kuch nhi khata buhut upset hoon plZ btaea kya kru use kese khilaoon

kingjothegreener says:

Does it work for 13 year olds

Kavita Kamuni says:

Thank you mam for your kind information about balanced diet ,can you please tell me what is diet chart for weight loss in 6-10 yrs children's

Ayurveda ki Duniya says:

Baby nutrition according to ayurveda
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Khushi Saluja says:

Mam me 15 years ki hu and mera weight 49 kg h plzz tell me iss age m perfect weight Kitna hona chahiye

Vu Tv says:

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Fresh Made says:

Hindi language please


Mam my son 2 yrs 3 month he not eat rice food what ll do mam plz advice me.

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