What Happens to Your Body After You Give Birth

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You may think that once your little bundle of joy is born, the toughest part of your pregnancy is over. While that is somewhat true and well worth all the trouble, what you don’t know is that once childbirth is over, the road to recovery is not as easy as it may seem. Your body is going to go through many changes over the next couple of weeks and adjust to its new role. Today on DailyBreakTV, we’ll be looking at what happens to your body right after you give birth.

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Sources: http://www.self.com/story/8-weird-things-that-happen-to-your-body-the-month-after-giving-birth

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PurpleSwils says:

I was already on the fence about having children… I want a biological child but there must be another way…

EvaMariaLotte says:

Haha, so funny… A lot of girl here writing "I don't want to have kids"… Wait and see what you want in a few years…

I never wanted own children until I got pregnant with my first… Got a second and thinking about a third… :) Never had bad cramps, no tearing, mood swings etc.

After my first baby the worst was having problems with breastfeeding (which took me a few weeks to solve…), after my second baby the worst was the aftermath of c-section.

Mason Mauzy says:

Thank god am not a Women.

Maddie Nicole says:

I'll go to my local adoption agency. No side affects

Helene Sanginario says:

More reasons I'm not going to have kids

Cry Baby Candy Can says:

I still want to have my own kids

Kakie Mckakie says:

How about i just adopt millions of cats instead?

Birkinbag09 says:

I think I will just get a dog now!

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