Weird Advice Pregnant Couples Get

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Here’s a tip: don’t listen to anyone.

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SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP
Justin Abarca as The Guy
Elizabeth Triplett as The Girl

Stacy Rumaker as The Grocery Lady

Alonya Eisenberg

Gian Molina

Wahima Lino

G Larry Butler

Linda Bisesti

Judith Shelton

Marcus Gonzalez

Ashley Lampson Opstad

Justin Baker

Jamie Gaul

Matt Noonan

Ashley Kane

Tyler Vaughn

TJ Marchbank
Katie Pelensky
Katelyn Gault
Kyle McCarley

Trim: A Salon in Studio City, CA

Handy Market in Burbank, CA


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Mortal Thought says:

these two should make a movie or a mini series.

ish sha says:

Here waiting for the next weird couple exciting!

the circus kitten says:

Did they have the baby yet?

Sarju Shah says:

Mall lady is hilarious as always

Purple Pancake Pig Power says:

when is the next one coming out? i bet it has something to do with weird things couples do with their babies

ninasreborns1 says:

I love this n this couple the best

Donna Diane says:

Are these real? or some of them are fake. LOL

HayLeeInuzuka says:

You poke the baby right in the face.

Fredoo rodriguez says:

This video seems way longer than it really is

Sprintrap Rabbit says:

none of this is true

kitty McMullen says:

I'm so excited to see their baby!

Brittany Diaz says:

omg do you have an egg YAAAAAS

gorillaz forever says:

So not worth having a little burden that you spend 300,000$ a year on something that will do nothing for you

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