Ways of picking up babies and putting them back down (3rd lesson)

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Have you ever noticed how parents pick their babies up into their arms?
Can you imagine the baby’s feelings when they are being picked up with one hand on their nape, the other supporting their bottom and with their back to the mat?
Do you realise how much strain there is on the weak spine of a small infant when we handle them with our hands around their chest?
How is a baby’s development threatened using these incorrect techniques?
And have you noticed the consequences in a child’s development when they are always picked up and put down in the same direction?
What is the ideal way to pick up and put down a baby to make them feel well and allow them to develop correctly?
The correct ways of picking up babies and putting them back down are shown in the 3rd lesson available at www.evakiedronova.cz.


Linda says:

lol you're just making parents worried about completely normal ways of holding a baby. great way to make stressed parents even more stressed.

Lawrence Cheatham says:

this is absolutely a terrible video.

Kevin Favron says:

I have a 3 week old little girl I think this is ridiculous that I'm going to pay for any kind of lessons lol

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