WATCH MY BELLY GROW – Weekly Pregnancy Progression

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5 Weeks Pregnant to 2 Days Postpartum in under 2 minutes! :)
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Sherita Boursh says:

I'm jealous no stretch marks

Sherita Boursh says:

I want to be that skinny:(

lovely person says:

how old is she she looks like she is only 14

Delrianna Rocquemore says:

Her baby is big to be just born

aleesha horne says:

I meant ollie

aleesha horne says:

I watch daily bumps and ur belly is so big with only than finn

Amber Abbott says:

Hopefully when I'm way older I shall be shooting a video of me letting people look at my belly grow 

YUI FUO says:

My baby brothers called Oliver

TheKingJoker1111 says:

16 n prego

S Vivian says:

Baby Ollie is ADORABLE

Gaby Sanchez says:

Shake dem hips mamma ;D

Leah Millar says:

Who dislikes this kind of video. Wtf

Chloe Thompson says:

This was posted on my birthday☺

Heaven Green says:

At five weeks omg that hourglass figure? Amazing 

brianna miramontes says:

Shake those hips mamma 

Foster Dwamena says:

I love it ""

Anaiya Babbie says:

All that bouncing was annoying

Denae “Vloggingbeauty101” Tyler says:

It's nearly two years later and I still love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curstin Brown says:

This is so adorable! He was so tiny! c:

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