WATCH MY BELLY GROW || My Pregnant Belly Progression Week By Week

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Watch my pregnant belly grow from 5 weeks pregnant to 39 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has went by way too fast but I am so glad I can look back on my pregnancy belly progression week by week as I watch my belly grow again!

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Stephanie (Mom), Lonnie (Dad), Danielle (13), Bubby (12), Noah (10), Lex (2), and Baby Liam

Noah has Autism Spectrum Disorder (moderately functioning), ADHD, and Intellectual Disability.


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Kortne95 says:

Omggg you showed that much at only 5 weeks

OdeTo Salutations says:

Huge belly :)

Elena Pineda says:

So adorable

hysterika says:

Aww beautiful!!

A mommy's life vlog says:

Oh gosh, my pregnancy hormones are full force. Started crying before you hit the second trimester. Such a beautiful reminder of your pregnancy!!!

Cici Spring says:

Who is the song? Beautiful

Cici Spring says:

No stretch markssss this is great

최민준 says:

can you do postpartum vlogs?

Olive aka Olivia the lupus patient! says:

Its funny that your stomach gets biigger yet once liam came he looks so wittle.

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