WATCH MY BELLY GROW! (again!) – 40 Wks Pregnant Belly Progression

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We had Finn! Watch the birth vlog! →
Oliver’s Belly Progression →
Finn’s Lullaby →


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the raven says:

such a perfect baby belly!

Wendy Fere says:

That is one huge bump

Abigail Kooima says:

sososososos beautiful!!! Finley is such a handsome little baby :)

TeaandTimW707 says:


calypso smith says:

Precious ❤️

Ariana Hamby says:

sorry for not saying happy b day in your vlog happy b day

Ariana Hamby says:

sorry for not saying happy b day in your vlog happy b day

Natalie Ramsey says:

thank you so much missy for sharing this. I'm 15 weeks with my second baby. I am just about the same size as you were at 15 weeks. congrats on baby fin. he's so sweet.

Colleen R says:

So precious!

Chloe Walter says:

I just cant or will ever get over how amazing the process is when a baby is formed inside the womb its just amazing then the grow up and have a personality and are amazing

Valerie Dumouchel says:

I hope youre recovering well xo

Valerie Dumouchel says:

So beautiful xo

Nina Hyseni says:

Ollie looks like Bryan
and finn looks like Missy

Kgracin07 says:

yall are amazing

Michelle Boyce says:

That's such a beautiful video.
I'm so grateful to be able to share your journey with you and again with this video.

Em & Syd says:

Awe soooo cutttee

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