Warning…. Watching might make u feel queasy! Baby Kobe kicking 38 weeks pregnant belly

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Hunter Harrington says:

i was scared that thing was gonna rip outta there!

Leslie Mayorga says:

Beings back wonderful and precious memories. My daughter was a “roller”.


Dana B says:

Holy mother of god! lol Theres an alien in there!

Nerwik says:

Wee, a tiny human is in there :)

Merro Kazimikaze says:


Shanel Pena says:

Omg that’s crazy! It looks like if the baby is going to rip right thru your
skin!! Lol.. Love it. God bless

will johnson says:

I love this video, Im 6 months and cant wait to see my baby does this :)

jeremy hedrick says:

Ahhhhhh she has a predalien chestburster in her aka xenomorph

Vivianna Dee says:

someone wanted out BAD lol congrats 

Antajsha Grace says:

Aww this makes me miss being pregnant. My daughter was definitely a wild

Diamond Wood says:

That was beautiful!! no where near should this make any one queasy! I wish
my daughter moved like that in my belly, i’d attempt to grab her body parts
lol :)

Ashley Rupe says:

I may be pretty heavily pregnant myself, but this still amazes me. Not just
how much the baby is moving, but… That elasticity, though!

Miguel Miller says:

kick it in the face!

LovedbcHim says:

My son used to do that all the time. I would be laying down and all of the
sudden he would just move around and kick continually. Now he’s a very
active, always busy unless he is sleeping 3 year old.

Michele Wardlaw says:

I Just Love This Video, I Really Wished My Baby Moved Like This !!!

Red Queen says:

Congrats on the baby and all but i was not convinced there was a baby in
there at forst i was pretty sure it was some type of alien lol, ive never
seen an entire limb just straight up poke out of a pregnant belly before, i
might have nightmares lol pretty amazing and interesting thing to see to
say the least

Morgyn Guy says:

Such a strong baby! My little one is doing the same and I’m so proud!
Congrats on your baby powerhouse!

sithious3 says:

Gotta love it when babies think they can get out of their mums belly
button~ awesome capture, its always so awesome and mind blowing to see
little feet, legs and arms sliding around under that belly skin as if its
so close to getting out. <3

Kristy Hale says:

I am 17 weeks 4 days and this is freakn me out man! Due date is 09-16-14

krysta clouser says:

Looks like it hurts!! I’m currently 13 weeks and 1 day I can’t wait to feel
my baby kick!

Josephine Monroe says:

Omg thats so damn cuteee❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lip Bomb says:

im 14 weeks and 2 days and this scared the crap out of me, im so excited
but sooo scared lol.

Lebanese Dane says:

Searching for the exit

dragonvian pollard says:

How far r u 

Luda D says:

I am 38 weeks pregnant, and this is the most beautifuliest thing i have
ever seen, my son doesnt kick me that hard, But he does kick allot and its

DorDor wes says:

Mine is kicking me right now that’s why I’m up

Bibi Bezett says:

Strong baby

Hope Wiley says:

I want to get a video like this so I can show my son later :)

TheBlueJacket says:

is it weird to think that there’s a little person in there kicking you from
the inside until it rips out of you?

Andrea Costa says:


Sophie Doll says:

wow my belly doesn’t move like that!!! i’m 38 weeks wow

Lime sophia says:

im 18 weeks and two days..my baby is like an acrobat ..doctors says that
when fetus moves alot..they maybe crying inside or streching..

Claire Conley says:

Why am I here?

lillmango says:

Arghhhh! Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Let it out before it rips you

Roxy r says:

Mine sure hurt when he moves. 

Goldie Dickerson says:

thats a mighty strong baby so precious 

katelyn hackel says:

both my son and daughter did this i thought it was so cool thanks for
sharing congrats

Alexandros HoMegas says:


Elizabeth Keme says:

Awww. so beautiful <3 :3 

janey .byrne says:

beautiful x

queen bsomh says:

Cute love it

quintana quintana says:

Omg am 7 months and my baby is the same 

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