VLOG #3: Car Accident / 5 Months Belly Shot ~

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VLOG #1: 9 WEEKS PREGNANT: http://youtu.be/xPnizVtqbfg
VLOG # 2: BOY OR GIRL:http://youtu.be/vusHlPBs0u4
VLOG #4:http://youtu.be/4yooXUHMnrU
sorry about the short video..Thank you everyone for your support and like for more :)


Chelsea G says:

So gald you’re okay! I’m due mid August, so congrats as well!

Trinican Bee says:

So good to hear that you and baby are okay. I can understand you being
shook up after it – it sounded scary and accidents suck. On another note:
You are so right about Hotwire & lol @ “Is that 13-year-old pregnant?!”

sweetiepie says:

glad u r ok and your baby

Star Moore says:

Thank God you and your baby are alright, sorry to hear that you were in a
car accident. Wow your belly is growing and soon you will be a mom.

Shemsa08 says:

Oh no !!! Be careful thank.goodness you are ok !!! Belly is looking.good :)

Deneen Jennings says:

So glad to hear that you and the baby are okay! I know that must have been
scary. I truly hope the rest of your pregnancy is accident and scare free.

BeautifullyBethany7 says:

When my cousin had her baby she was 22 but looked 12 lol so the same thing
happened to her. While she was pregnant people would stare at her like…
is that little girl pregers lol, and after she had her baby they would
always be like… Is that YOUR son? lol but after a while she just got used
to it :p. I am SO glad you are both okay 😀 GOD IS GOOD!

Curls&Beauty says:

thank you soo much :)

MsNaturalBeautie says:

Happy that you and your baby is safe. your looks so cute on you.

CurlyCeeCee says:

glad that you nor the baby were hurt! Your belly is so cute!

Blessed Natural says:

I hope you werent blamed for the accident!! Im glad you and baby are ok.
Prayers sent your way

ladynefertitibk says:

I’m glad your ok and the baby is fine. Thank God. Your showing really good
at five months.

Marisela Bennett says:

good thing you are ok! I was in a scary slide off on a freezing weather
last winter while pregnant! I could not stop crying so I get it.

Dms Sag says:

Bless God. I’m glad you and the baby are fined

Curls&Beauty says:

lol haha I live in a town in VA but I don’t feel confortable sharing it on
the internet (you know) but yeah that is soo cool…girl, i have no idea
what HRBT OR MM so please tell me…..

Rebekah Rossman says:

OMGG I go to school in Norfolk!!! Where do you live originally girl? I knew
I recognized that tunnel haha, is that HRBT or MM?

lyn williams says:


Naturalleeme says:

Thank God you both are okay I’m almost 4 months so I can imagine freaking

Blessed Natural says:

you are all baby!!! Youre so pretty

Avrianna2010 says:

i live in VA!! LOL and girl yess Logan`s is good i love it. ur belly is so

TheHabeshachic99 says:

I’m glad you both are safe!

mrsskyrob69 says:

I’m glad you and baby are ok.

itsxelenOfficial says:

I am glad you and the baby is okay.

yadhira carrillo says:

God is good!

SeeMeNaTuRaL says:

Thank god you and the baby are ok

Matilda B. says:

Glad to see you and the baby are ok. SN: Your curls looks fabulous at the
end :-)

Beatriz Gonzalez says:

I’m so glad you and your liddo family is okay. Your belly is the cutest ^~^

Carmen Vazquez says:

Thank God you and your baby are okay. You have the cutest belly ever..I
love it and I love your videos.

Janel O says:

Thank God both of you are okay..You have the cutest belly bump:)

mykablee says:

I’m glad you and your famil are ok. I will keep you all in my prayer’s!

Kay Stary says:

Thank GOD you and the baby are safe :)

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