Very funny diaper change – Baby laughing

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Daniela laughing hysterically while Dad is changing the diaper.
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SofiaTheFirstFTW DocMcstuffinsFTL says:

Was Daniela using Pampers or another brand of diaper?

Judy Ehrle says:

Good job kid

Judy Ehrle says:

Hold your breath

Shan Baker says:

she's just like : can you hurry up and wipe my butt please

My Toy Creations says:

How much was your reborn

James Mycroft says:

Thats nasty, but very cute!!

Vt hbhb Ybhub says:

Bad father ,very very bad ,father can't not do anything without the mother

Leah Tiller says:

omg lol cute!!

D Chicas says:

aaawwwww hehehheeheheh

Moompee 360 says:

No it was 00:56

Moompee 360 says:


ladieessence says:

Lol come on pops. Lol

Aaron Schumacher says:

Never ever laugh or make fun of a baby pooping. Its very traumatizing to babys and I promise you they dont forget. Remember that you cant transfer the emotions of an adult on to a baby. They can not talk so they communicate through noises and crying. A baby can be doing what looks to us as laughing while being very upset.

Rakefet Livne says:

She is so beautiful and cute!

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