Vermicomposting (Worm Bin) – Tips & How To’s, Feeding the Worms, BABY WORMIES!

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Here is my outdoor worm bin! It’s really fun and easy to make one and take care of the worms! Excellent fertilizer and uses up your kitchen vegetable and fruit scraps! You can supplement your chicken’s diet with worms!

Note: The composting worm is also called the red wiggler. These worms will chow down on manure, as well as fruit and vegetable scraps.

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Preparing for the Worms’ Arrival!

Important Information for Making Your Worm Bin!

Making the Bin!

Why keep a vermicomposting bin?

Feeding the Worms! Part 1
Feeding the Worms! Part 2

Baby Wormie! 1
Baby Wormie! 2
Baby Wormie! 3

Feed Your Worms to Chickens!

Vermicompost Tea!


Treasuring Priceless Time says:

Newbie questions…How does one best store scraps so they don't smell , until they decompose? Can they eat rotten foods (not moldy)? Can they eat seeds? Bread? Thanks all.

Kevin Timothy says:

So good that you emphasized on the worms wanting decomposed matter – not the fresh. It's a common misunderstanding for those just starting vermicomposting. I have a kitchen counter-top bin for collection of scraps until it rots really well. Its filtrated so as you function you don't even realize you have rotting food just feet away.

Marina Granados says:

great video

Anh Chrisman says:

I am pretty sure you may find good solution on woodprix website :)

Catherine Fredericks says:

Not a red wiggler.

RJ Zone7 says:

Do you bring them indoors if it's freezing out? Is it safe to keep them in a cool indoor shed?

Svetla Nikolova says:

I love my worms! I call them pinkie winky! just awesome workers

The Reality says:

how long do you think it will take to get a tub of worms u got there, to about 20 tubs. stupid question, but i am very curious… thanks

Cheeto Fingers says:

Hi I'm a worm and chicken lady too but I only have 4 hens because of city code. That's enough eggs for my husband and me. I've been raising worms for about 4 or 5 years but this year I moved them outdoors. They multiplied so much that I actually bought two small stock tanks for my backyard and am going large scale for my food forest I'm installing in the spring.

I noticed you call them your little babies, I call mine my little boogers. Isn't it strange how attached to them you can become? I'm protective over mine, I don't let fishermen or those type near them! My husband threatens to sneak them to "his girls" (the hens) and I tell him just don't get caught! I thought peat moss would raise the acidity in the bin so I never use it. When my bin has become acidic I use water from boiled cabbage or just throw some cabbage in it, will help neutralize it, baking soda or wood ash from the wood stove. I've learned to keep my bins aerated so they don't go anaerobic by just reaching down and turning it over with my hands. If they're too wet they will become anaerobic quickly.

 I've got the tanks lined on the inside with cardboard, filled with straw halfway up then a piece of cardboard, a bag of garden soil, then the worms in their old bedding and all that topped with leaves. Then I have the tops covered with burlap and an old rug and I also have a vent tube in them and an opening on the bottom for air. I'm trying to find an effective method for keeping the bins from freezing in the winter if you have any ideas. These are two 2'x2'x4' galvanized stock tanks they're in.


Do I just sprinkle cornmeal on top of work bed also, like sand…ty

Fafnir Icingdeath says:

You are adorable!  Plus your video was one of the most informative that I have seen as I just ordered worms from Uncle Jim's as well and they should be here next week and hopefully I am as successful as you are!  Well done LTC!

Code Rare says:

What is the quantity that can be converted earthworm. On day

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