VENOM – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

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Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed
Scott Haze
Reid Scott


Tomáš Vlček says:

We are venom its awesome. Venom voice is super awesome rly good

Fin says:

Doesn’t this ruin the Spider-Man story line !?

Nono Ami says:

I really want to see Venom and Riot fight. Even I have to wait for Spider-Man, Carnage or Symbiote Anti Venom in the next movie probably

Rocco Molfese says:

Got that adrenaline venom!

lolo kun says:


Zello says:

venom was always my favourite villian

Jtg 16 says:


Eddie interviews Kletus Casady for his murders, Eddie gets back with his wife Anna (I think), a prop crashes on earth then Carleton Drake takes the Symbiotes and experiments on disabled people to see the effects, Eddie founds out and then investigates the situation, Eddie breaks into the Life foundation and is attacked by Scream, the two of them escape but not without Eddie encountering the venom Symbiote, Eddie goes home and then is having problems like hearing voices in his head and feeling sick, mercenaries break into his house and Eddie beats them and runs away but not without a tipical car chase, the Symbiote and Eddie come to an agreement to stop the life foundation from sending a prop into space to attract more Symbiotes, Eddie encounters Scream and the two of them have a fight but venom kills her and then heads to the life foundation, that is where Riot is born and attaches itself to Carleton and becomes Riot, the two Symbiotes have a fight and Venom wins by blowing up the rocket and killing Riot, Eddie saves the day and goes away, the two of them are now one being with a Symbiotic relationship, post credit scene shows Kletus Casady being infected with the Symbiote and becoming Carnage.

Richard Boguett says:

Me sacas el gore, ok.
¡Más te vale no ver comedia y me entregues la violencia que prometiste SONY!

Nano Rintjap says:

this trailer just like a anime name parasyte because that a many simbiotic not just venom and they are a goverment wanted

Elvin Garcia says:

From The Studio That Brought You Marvel's Iron Man And The Avengers.

ERROR #404# videos says:

The new is somewha5 like prototype 2

LadaFunDesh says:

Am I the only one who understands what Venom saying? His voice is amazing btw

David Colmenero says:

If anyone that has played The Darkness way back when…we can see the similarities…right Jackie boy?

D_DenSuper_S 2.0 says:

Which of them is stronger? Carnage or Riot?????

Anurag Mk jr says:

Language ☺️not mentioning cap
Just tellling icant understand him
U have a rare voice venom i mention if starlord hVe copieng this

looseface17 says:

Looks amazing BUT it’s a bit hard to understand what venom is actually saying..

Dainton says:

Man, i wonder how they going to put peter's cameo into the film, so that we can see Venom get the white spider.

김민석 says:

2:44 We…are Venom.

김민석 says:

2:46 We…are Venom.

Sly Ace says:

I am really sick of super heroes. Finally we are getting antiheroes like deadpool and venom

XxUltimateGamerxX says:

I don't get it is he hurting innocent people or is he the new spiderman?

clayton3179 says:

Like a turd,in the wind
Oh I have a parrasite

Jojo Adriano says:

Top 4 Sony's Marvel films
1. Venom
2. Morbuis The Living Vampire
3. Kraven The Hunter
4. Spider-Man/ Venom ™

Namit Dhupar says:

Can we have a Carnage Laugh in the after credits, Please?

Prog MetalDeity says:

I keep waiting for venom to ask me to make 3 wishes.

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