Underage & Pregnant – The Belly Edit

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CeraTwelve says:

Just thought I’d say that you’re freaking awesome, man, thanks a lot for
this. It takes a lot of effort and patience to sift through that amount of
content. Major props to you.

xXiAteMRstaypuftXx says:

You did an amazing job of editing that, looks great – you should be proud,
if anyone doesn’t like it tell them go swivel and see if they can do it any
better! you put a lot of hard work into these edits and it really shows,
awesome stuff 😀 xx

thechipmunck9769 says:

Excellent work brother ! I have seen this series here on youtube, very
good. Can’t wait for part 2.

deathfailsheavenlies says:

I thought everyone would appreciate that I’ve edited down almost 3 hours
worth of the first series to 15 minutes of the best scenes.

Shonteiona Cain says:

omg girl or boy

Pregolover100 says:

This is fantastic, thanks for the taking the time to do this! :D

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