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MY 2 BIRTH STORIES HERE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obk-0HRW0ek

I can only make 15 min videos, or else this would be much longer, Here I share with you My Journey with Soul’s Birth. HOW MAGICAL IT WAS! I wanted to share this video to help women remember who we truly are and what we are capable of, not only that but how perfect birthing is and how perfect our bodies are and how intelligent the whole entire process of being pregnant, creating a baby and birthing a baby IS. We need to bring back joy, love and trust into this process, it is so amazing AS IS, without unnecessary intervention. And yes unnecessary. Please be open to learning/ remembering our truth. I am no more special then YOU are, I have just woken up and remembered my own truth and power. Children are asking to come into this beautiful beautiful world peacefully, trauma free. And contrary to what we have been told… birthing in a hospital and all of our emotions and thoughts and fears DO affect babies in quite a negative way. I hope to shed some light on this and inspire you to create a peaceful amazing birth that you and your baby deserve! Laura Shanley is my #1 inspiration, check her out! UnassistedChildBirth.com



Highly recommend this book to EVERYONE:
“Heal your birth Heal your life”

My biggest inspiration of unassisted birth was Laura Shanley’s work on :

Kim Nelli:
Youtube: Kim Nelli

My midwife Friend Darby that was there:
“I didn’t want to intervene but my intuition said baby should be born now so I told you the bring baby towards your belly trick
Worked great!
I will always loving remember swimming out into the bay to meet you as you labored in the ocean. You are the only mama I’ve helped so far that had the closest to an ocean birth. And a lot of people talk about it”

Music By Sky Allen

Benefits of extended breastfeeding:

Tyent water machine & shower head

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kitty x says:

So.. we just gonna ignore the fact that her child came feet first……

Antony Hog says:

Why were you producing stool at the same time Tasha?

Guillermo Martinez says:

I give you props they raped me in the hospital at my first birth would not let me do anything in my birthing plan but on the other had my daughter got stuck because my bladder and the cord was wrapped around her neck so I probably would of just screwed everything up

Montana Lewis says:

Thankyou for the most amazingly beautiful moment to witness!! You are the fucking definition of woman!

Abi Soto says:

can i share this on my fb? love it!

Hulkitout says:

thank you for sharing your experience with natural birth

Theman says:

this was kind of touching

Eva A says:

That was wicked cool.

Alena J says:

thanks for sharing this. so brave and beautiful


wow incredible!!! i live on the big island and i am not having any luck finding a doctor to see for prenatal check ups etc so i am having serious thoughts on the home birth thing and delivering myself. you have inspired me for sure, if you can do a breech unmediated unassisted birth than so can i! thank you for sharing this. btw im due in january.

kato robles says:

your amazing I seen you on tosh.0 and your very beautiful

Imani Adrea says:

This was beyond inspiring. You are magical. You just gave motherhood such purpose. Wow.

Isabelle Froelick says:

This was so amazing & beautiful it is magic what a woman's body can do. You are phenomenal this brought up emotions in me. I loved it.

Rayesha Olivia says:

Holy Jesus I just had my son 3 months ago and watching this reminds me of the pain all over lol you're extremely strong I did all natural but I also did a hospital birth

Traci Adi says:

Wow that was amazing… in the hospital they want to get the baby out quickly!!! At first this was scary to me… for you and the baby… but wow… my daughter was vaginal breech… but 17 years ago… seems things have totally changed… when does the suctioning of the Nose and mouth after birth???

ilovemytribe says:

I thought I was radical, but she definitely got me beat!!!

Kristal Chavez says:

Tasha this video was AMAZING! I am due with baby #2 in August and the hospital is over an hour away. I have been considering if I have it in me to pull off a natural birth 😀

MsTrueHappiness says:

This is beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your inspirational birth with us!

anon1234qwerty56789 says:

Good Lord!! You're Superman! or Supergirl! whatever you prefer. props!! and congrats on your new baby!!!!

Briana Campo says:

Wow that was amazing Tasha ❤️

Prithvi Mann says:

congratulations on ur son's birth. amazing what you did. what i was wondering was that why did you have that placenta smoothie. as in are there some benefits to d mother in doing so or just something you wanted to try out

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