Ultrasound Training Liver

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A video excerpt from our Sonography e-Learning suite. Each module covers a different sonography scan and provides a simulation to help you learn and practice the procedure, plus explanatory text, anatomy model, video and quizzes. A personal logbook tracks your learning time and scores. Personal subscriptions to the SIMTICS eLearning modules available at www.simtics.com/ultrasound. YouTube users benefit from 30% discount – use coupon code YOUTUBE30 during sign-up.

The learning objectives for this e-Learning module are as follows:

– Indications for ultrasound of the liver
– Identify the liver anatomy
– Explain liver physiology and laboratory findings
– List clinical symptoms of liver disease
– Identify the liver ultrasound scan protocol
— Patient preparation
— Transducer selection and preset selection
— Patient positioning
— Transducer positions
— Scan plane
— Identify and obtain sonographic images of liver, vascular structures, ligaments, and fissures of the liver
— Obtain measurements of the liver
– Explain and demonstrate the use of breathing techniques to obtain optimal sonographic images of the liver
– Differentiate normal and abnormal sonographic appearances of the liver
– Differentiate and describe common pathologies of the liver on sonographic images
– Identify and obtain images in hepatic trauma
– Identify and obtain images in hepatic transplantation
– Identify and obtain images of vascular flow abnormalities
– Explain the Patient’s Bill of Rights, HIPAA Privacy Rule, and Patient Safety Act

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Ermal Sinani says:

Veri good

BaoHanh Lekimnghia says:

Love your video, thanks.

Joriz Collado says:

Very useful!
Easy to follow.

Samuel t says:

i am currently being trained on this machine, it's awesome.

Heide Jandura says:

nice video!

Victoria Hall says:

Omg so helpful!

Stephanie Tafoya says:

great video thanks!

Lisa Parmley says:

Your video is very informative, love your video!

Zoe Hanson says:

Great video to show ultrasound, thank you.

Dolca Calcano says:

This is me soon! Love your videos.

simtics says:

Thanks so much for your kind feedback, glad you like our demonstration!

Rajendra Bhatt says:

wonderfull demonstration bysonosite & tahir ahmmad

BMWs100ORR says:

You ever get down the liver ultrasound 😉

simtics says:

@dkland1980 – Hi, thanks for stopping by. You can get 30% discount on our Ultrasound Liver e-Learning module (with sonography scan simulation). Please use coupon code YOUTUBE30 if you choose to subscribe at our website simtics.com

simtics says:

@amanda3jam – yes, and we did this deliberately because our modules focus on teaching the steps of the procedure. Dealing with difficult patients is a very different skill that can be learned and applied later. Thanks for stopping by!

simtics says:

@TheBeeaful – thank you for the feedback. Philips provided the machine for us to use in filming. They were very helpful!

Denise says:

the liver is the hardest part to learn. *sigh* Maybe one day it will click.

TheBeeaful says:

Beautiful machine and easy patient.

FaHaD ibra says:


amanda3jam says:

she isnt a difficult patient.

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