Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy- Month One

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7omnia7 says:

19 people don’t like it? Why? They born from cabbage?

lolppq223 says:

god damn we had tails and now we dont =(

lolppq223 says:

we are all champions we won the race to life

najibakazmi says:


IcePrincess619 says:

Wow :-]

Premises187 says:

Kinda looked like a penis in the thumb nail.

Joshel San Juan says:

be glad! because we all won the race that’s why we are watching this video!
and Be Proud to be the fastest sperm cell of your daddy XD

julia gayfield says:

I scare cause I dnt I pergo

Doreen Lomax says:


Plurple says:

@187Premises lmao

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