Two Neil Youngs Sing “Old Man”

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Neil Young sings his classic song “Old Man” alongside Neil Young.

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Two Neil Youngs Sing “Old Man”


keely mclellan says:

i love this so much

Dennis Taylor says:


John Queeno says:

to be able to do that with neil young himself wow incredible  is not a strong enough word   I've been a fan for over 40 years I play his music and still love it wish I had his name on my guitar

Cherri Mundy says:

Again, I ask, when do I get my acoustic guitar?

Jeff Hardin says:

That's was incredibly baddass! Thank you!

MrWolfenz says:

a Awesome moment … When Jim Fallon said Old Man look at my Life Im a lot Like what you were and that slight turn looking at the legend Neil Young … was a chill..

800 Crew says:

Jimmy Fallon rules

videovulcan says:

When neil starts the guitar dynamic changes (hammer ons)

brianz631 says:


videovulcan says:

Jimmy sounds more like Neil than Neil.

Josh Johnson says:

how lucky does this cant hold a straight face comedian feel right now singing old man with young

ktm 300 says:

Jimmy sounds more like Neil Young than Neil Young does

Jeremy Smurr says:

This… is incredible

BilisNegra says:

Goosebumps when they do harmonies together!

cassyguy says:


Fremen1971 says:

If I could, I would "Like" this clip multiple times.
Will just have to settle for watching it multiple times.

Bryce Adkins says:

This was fucking phenomenal.

Fitam H says:

Holly shiat maaaan … Fallon is awesom
Hoo would of thought …

Al11na says:

Jimmy sounds amazing! I just love this guy!

Karen Kelleher says:

really good cheers

scotland5finest says:

Neil Young > Bob Dylan

Lovell Rodriguez says:

that old man care taker was my dads uncle greaaat time s and memories at the young ranch am too am and old man

Funk SC says:

Jimmy is awesome! cool guy

Native American says:

I hope Neil's not a liberal retard like Fallon

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