Twins?! Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 5-8 | Kendra Atkins

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Hey guys! So I’m currently a little over 10 weeks but here is a video I filmed a few weeks ago for you. Thank you all for the kind wishes on my announcement video, it means so much to me!


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waiting to pop! says:

hey, I'm new to you tube and I want to be friends. I'm 5 wks pregnant!

Elley Freeman says:

I feel like they will be two boys also!

Carmen Homesley says:

So happy i found your channel and i can now follow your pregnancy :)

Gabbey Byrd says:

You look like Olivia Wilde!!!

Linsay McG says:

Just found this looking for pregnancy vlogs, I'm currently 27 weeks exactly with non identical twins :). We found out I was pg when I was 3 weeks 4 days but didn't have a scan until just after 12 weeks when we seen the babies for the first time (they measured at 12+6). Took us a good week to get our heads around it too :) my nausea/vomiting started at 6 weeks and didn't stop till 19 weeks, came back at 22/23 weeks and it's back again at 26/27 weeks. Fingers crossed yours doesn't last!!! It's awful :(. I'm going to check now and see if you have any updates!

Delissa Campbell says:

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Ms. Moses says:

Twins is so cool. I'm currently pregnant and this would be my second child now. Having gone through my first pregnancy and knowing what to expect, you have a lot on your hands girl. Good luck. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

Kamila Baghernejad says:

The 1st trimester is the worst. Hang in there! It'll get better soon :)

Emily du Plooy says:

Congratulations!!!! <3

Lillian G says:

So excited I found your channel!!!(: 

Amy Marie says:

i have twins. went to 38 weeks. 5 pounds 11oz each. let me know if you have any questions

Elizabeth Knight says:

You still look incredible! Congrats on the twins!

Christy C says:

TWINSSS!! ahhhhh!! ♡♡♡♡ sending love xx

Yecenia Ribas says:

is it just me but i think your eyes remind me of agelina jolie! congrats by the way!

KrystalIceStudios says:

Get some pregnant nausea medicine. :)

Kimmie says:

"there's 2 sacks and each has a baby in there which is SO WEIRD" hahaha I laughed Lol you're so easy to listen to & real… deff am subscribing♡

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