Twins kicking in my tummy, 34 weeks pregnant

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A video from when I was about 8 months pregnant with the twins. I was trying to get them moving around on video because there’s just nothing like it! You can actually watch them move!


ann202124 says:

so cool was that a foot??

12valvepower1 says:

@teamedward83 i am happy that you have twins inside you. that is amazing of luck to all three of you

teamedward83 says:

I’m not even sure! I think it was maybe a knee…

quechelle666 says:

lol i thought it was funny when one had a strech and you just popped it
back in. didnt that hurt? i always thought my late pregnancy movments hurt
a bit and my daughter never pushed on me that much!

teamedward83 says:

No, it actually never hurt at all. And with there being 2 of them, it was
always non-stop.

soho53785 says:

@teamedward83 do you mean the movements were non-stop? Is there more
movement when you have twins than just one baby?

teamedward83 says:

@soho53785 Yes, they are constantly moving. With my first baby, she had
cycles of awake and sleep. With the twins, there was movement almost all
day and night long. And on all sides of my stomach! I was almost relieved
when we figured out there were two of them in there, otherwise I was
fearing we would have one wild baby on our hands :)

notguiltyverdict says:

omg amazing! my daughter used to stick her butt out lol. looked like i had
an orange down my shirt! lol

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