Twin Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 17 + 18: Genders, Baby Buys, Doctor’s Appointents | Kendra Atkins

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Gender Reveal Party:

Today we are talking about two of my doctor’s appointments, the gender reveal and some new baby buys!


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imahappycat says:

Hi Kendra! Which video had your kitchen's backsplash? What is the name of the backsplash you got? Glossy or Matte? Thank you.

Vivian Papas says:

Kendra, heart burn might be as you are laying down more if thats what you tend to do later on in the day. Your stomach is producing more acid so its kind of a positional thing, more laying= acid coming up and feeling that burn (just a possibility)

amanda summers says:

When your girls are born you'll look at them and know exactly what you want their names to be (:

Jazzy V says:

when are they due hun?
we're expecting a baby girl :) she is due on jan 17th

Go on Adventure says:

yay Congrats <3

Renee Johnson says:

hi, my name is Kendra too!! But i go by my middle name instead because i hate my Name. i cant make it work. so everyone calls me renee instead. you can make it work better than me

Kristin Hinch says:

What eyeshadow are you wearing in this video? Its gorgeous!!

Jen Stadnyk says:

Yay girls!!!! Also I've found the best thing for heartburn is to chew gum, strange but it works.

Andrea Etsebeth says:

Firstly a BIG CONGRATS on the babies :) I am so happy for you guys. My husband and I are also ttc and I'm praying all the time. Not sure if someone has commented on this yet because I have not read all the comments but if you are still looking for a heartburn cure… try milk :) Hope it helps and good luck will be praying for you guys.

Candace K says:

I have two identical twin girls named Addison and Ella ❤️

Julie Lackie says:

Compression socks may help with sore/tired feet and legs from standing. I think they help with circulation. Love your vlogs Kendra :)

Shelby Webb says:

So I get horrible heartburn and have really been through the ringer with treatment. Since you're a back sleeper I would say that you should sleep at the highest comfortable angle, which could also help your back pain. And if you lay on your side lay on your left, if comfortable, obviously. And in the night try not to have you head drop below your heart, to keep acid in your stomach.
AVOID peppermint , nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers), and caffeine and carbonation, those are my biggest trigger foods and usually a problem for everyone. I would try a tea with ginger about 20 minutes after you eat dinner, it helps warm your stomach and relax the muscles that they are not pushing the acid up.
Ultimately, because you're organs are being compressed and pushed up toward your diaphragm you might feel like you're running at a wall. I know you're not pro-medicine, but Zantac or another H2 inhibitor will reduce acid and I believe they are safe for pregnancy, but again I'd ask your doctor But they reduce the amount of acid you're producing so there's less to "burn". Hope that helps, I know heartburn is so uncomfortable and certainly hard when you can't take some of the stronger stuff to help. Thanks for sharing the updates and I hope you and the babies are doing great.

T Beavers says:

prayers for 2 healthy babies and mamma

krystal rohrer says:

also make sure to buy premie diapers and premie outfits too! madilynn was only born 2 weeks early and was swimming in everything for the first couple of months until she even grew into newborn! i was not prepared for that! and with twins since they come even earlier, you'll definitely need smaller sizes.

krystal rohrer says:

i wish we would have kept madilynns name a secret until we had her. we didn't and then people started posting things with her name in it before we had her, or posting pictures right after we had her and it just wasn't really …..fair (? i guess is the word for it) because we didn't get that chance to make that first announcement and really welcome her ourselves either. definitely keeping that in mind for our next one!

Vanessa Barbera says:

If you are looking for a pink paint color… I highly recommend, Place Card Pink from Ralph Lauren (at Home Depot). Congratulations!

k1026143 says:

I'm 20 weeks with a baby girl watermelon has helped a lot of heartburn.

mrsjackiem28 says:

my doctor recommended rolaids with calcium for my heart burn they are safe and my pregnancy was high risk. They helped a ton

Murisa D. says:

Kendra, I am so excited for you!! I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first one. I was SO SURE it was a girl before we fond out what it was. I had dream in all of my dreams it was a girl. We were SHOCKED when we found out it was a boy, but still overjoyed. Isn't it funny how that happens??

Megan Ruyf says:

I took these antacid tablets when my heartburn got bad when I was pregnant. They have a great flavor and took the heartburn away:)

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