Twin baby kicking from inside mom

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Twin baby trying to get out, kicking from inside, two days before birth.

GUYS, its no me in the video it’s my stepmother, my dad just uploaded the video to my channel…..


Ellie May Souch says:

I'm pregnant with twins

free games says:

I feel like the baby gonna poop out

Vickie Hooks says:

That looks really ugly and fake

Katalyne Harbour says:

Some women abort babies and commit murder..

Panda Monium says:

Oh you poor mum :(

Dennis Houlby says:

My beautiful fiance, and my twins. ❤❤❤
Now nearly four years ago…

Sarahi Garcia says:

Aww poor thing she's huge

Olivia rennhack says:

Don't be fooled this is a tip of a penis

Bria Sea says:

That is so cute

Yoshino Von Schweetz says:

the red line becomes more red and red as you watch on.., .–.

Bambi Lightningtree says:

And this is one of the many reason I'm not having kids.. :)

melodie nortje says:

wow…now I know how my mother looked when she was pregnant with me and my brother…

Michelle says:

That does not look like a normal pregnant tummy.. wtf

YouTube Fan says:

Omg! Scary and interesting at the same time.

Henry Brown says:

That is so weird

Ka'Leigh Smith says:

That's so beautiful! And when the baby kicked it looked like a heart ❤️

Ugly ɡίɾʆ says:

Wtf is that ew

Precious Felton says:

this looked cute and painful at the same time lmao

Ciria'shay Franklin 2324 says:

her stomach is weird when most people are pregnant there stomach is round not like a watermelon

Vegan Furret Fanatic says:

Owww…. her belly looks sore and painful

Mary Wallner says:

Awesome! My third boy kicked like a ninja!!!

Jaxon Knows says:

Yo I never seen a weird belly shape like wth is that

Daily Tv says:

I feel so bad for this lady that looks so painfully swoll

Last_cass_is_your_ local_flop Yorba says:

Omg how many kids are is there I hope your ok god bless you

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