Tummy Update – 39 Weeks Pregnant

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BargainPrincess says:

Ooobsessed with your hair cut!! I love your attitude towards your symptoms
haha. I’m so excited for you, good luck Tammy!!

nihadevgan says:

You look great! All the best! Can’t wait to meet your little bundle of

2glams says:

She is going to be a big baby :) I hope she comes out real soon !! :D

ForevernAlways559 says:

Love the hair omg I can’t wait till you have her 

Cindy Xo says:

You look great

Shawn Young says:

Love your hair Tammy! My daughter measured a week ahead as well and she was
9lbs. 11ozs.! I pray you have a healthy, safe delivery. Happy Holidays!

Kawanna Hardy says:

Having your 1st baby is so exciting!!! A lil scary but not as much as if
you’ve had a previous delivery. Then after you have the baby you get to
just stare at him/her until your ready to do something else (after about
3-4weeks). Lol. Enjoy!! And Congratulations!!

Cindy Xo says:

Love the hair, omg 39 was already.. Hope all is well xo 

ilovemyfamgd says:

Nice hair cut :) baby is almost hereee!!!!

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