Tummy Update – 34 Weeks Pregnant

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NotARichGIrl says:

Thank you!! I wasn’t able to vlog my baby shower, but there were a lot of
pictures taken. I will post a video with the pictures and my outfit soon.

jezibellika says:


LatinEarthAngel says:

What made you change doctors?

MsAna617 says:

God bless you and you baby! I hope everything goes good in you delivery.
You look so cute with your belly.

NotARichGIrl says:

Thank you!

NotARichGIrl says:

Thank you!

ForevernAlways559 says:

It’s a good thing you got a new doctor , can’t believe it’s been that long
ing ur baby is almost here

ilovemyfamgd says:

You look so cute , can you volg your baby shower pls:) if u have one

LatinEarthAngel says:

Disregard my question, glad you found a new doctor that put you at ease.

NotARichGIrl says:

Thank you!!!! <3

Shawn Young says:

Tammy- You’re almost at the finish line!! Sleep now if & when you can. I
agree with your new Dr. if you want to eat go ahead and eat your baby will
love it!! Pregnancy really agrees with you, your face hasn’t changed at
all. Good for you for finding a Dr. that makes you comfortable that really
matters when it’s time to deliver.

NotARichGIrl says:

I can’t believe that’s she’s almost here!! I’m so excited. :)

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