Tummy Tuck – Typical Post-Pregnancy Tummy

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This patient had a typical post pregnancy tummy with loose skin, stretchmarks and an overhanging belly.

Dr Eddy Dona performed a Tummy Tuck to remove the excess skin, lift the pubic area, tighten the muscles and completely transform her body.

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This video content has been made for educational purposes only. It is intended for those that want to know more about this particular procedure (whether that is a potential patient or another healthcare professional) and therefore parts of this video may appear to be quite graphic. This is to ensure all viewers fully understand and appreciate what is involved in surgery and the potential results that can be achieved. Surgical results can vary greatly and thus the content is not intended to represent or guarantee the same results for every patient.


Ann says:

I must say, what brave women are. I hope my body will 'unstretch' when I lost the pregnancy weight. Else I'm going for this too. But this was very impressive and scary at the same time.

Lacy says:

The way he said “because because because” while juggling her stomach made me laugh

Mandy M says:

That's amazing! I want one! 😀

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