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I am a UK Mum of 3 all delivered by C-section and this is my 9 month tummy tuck update video after visiting my Surgeon. This video shows the length of the healing process and how the tummy tuck scar worsens before it gets better and heals completely


Antonia Thompson says:

Ambi Fade cream

tinkerbellbetty says:


NEB Barnes says:

Have u tried Mederma??? That will deminish the scars

Megan's Music, Workouts and Recipes says:

Hi! Thanks for the candid video. I was curious: Have you used any
cremes/lotions? or has your doctor advised you to use anything? I’m
wondering about a tummy tuck and conducting a bit of ‘due diligence’ before
I make a decision. Thanks!


ppl like u make un-informed comments it is quite irritateing, we cant just
excersise surgery is the last option for ass as we have already excercised
our asses off only to relise u can work off fat but u CAN N OT excercise
away loose skin, u damn fool

natashaknight35nk says:

Yes I agree paradox IT DOES LOOKS INFECTED! Obviously you have had gangrene
so that makes you the expert which medical school did you go to? NONE!!!
Because they would have thrown you out on your stupid arse!!!

MyTummyTuck says:

haha! lol :)

pavlina nathanael says:

hey i am 19 years old and i give birth to a beautiful baby girl before 4
months ..well..during my pregnancy i gain 40kg …i was 100kg …now after
4 months passing i lost 30kg by natural way and still have 10kg to
lose…anyway after all this weight and because of the huge belly that i

MyTummyTuck says:

Thanks for your support! :)

Melanie Benton says:

Just give it some time, you are young and just need to let it heal. Good

Oleh2011 says:

honestly you look sooo much better. Look into using laser treatment for the
scar though. I’ve just had liposuction 3 months ago and still feel fat, no
surgery is perfect or flawless, i’d rather have a scar than an “apron”
stomach, good luck enjoy ur new body =D

Sonny Italiano says:

You can also use “Revisitol” scar removal cream in combination with TCL
peels. not promoting the product but would recommend it anyone who wants to
reduce scar appearance based on experience using it. mederma is also a good

MyTummyTuck says:

Clearly you are very stressed :( 1st I want to say don’t have a tummy tuck
until you have finished having children. You are only 19 which I feel is
way too young to be having this sort of surgery. You may have post natel
depression I would advise you to see your doctor to make sure that you are
in good mental health before embarking on any surgery. If you decide to go
ahead with the T T tuck please take your time to find the best surgeon.For
more tips go to mytummytuck.co.uk good luck!! :)

pustebluemchen79 says:

@cciemail a tummy tuck is done A F T E R a big weight loss to remove all
the extra skin some people have.

MyTummyTuck says:

Thank you for your helpful tips :)

MyTummyTuck says:

@LeoArif1 Many thanks for your kind comments – I will look into the Derma
Blend make-up, thanks :)

MyTummyTuck says:

Thanks for your support! :)

MyTummyTuck says:

Mine was £5,000

ocilikeit says:

please dont get a tummy tuck i was going to get one but i have seen alot of
things like scars and people dieing throught surgery or eventually get sick
all the time after surgery even after a year later when its completed..i
have been exercising and doing it the hard way i rahter exercise and be
healthy than to get surgery and be unhealthy.. i know us ladies have a time
trying to get the perfect body and stress out but just get motivated get up
and work hard to get the perfect body

MyTummyTuck says:

Thanks for your concern, it is not gangreen! My scar area healed very
quickly and I was very happy with the results – the problem is that the
scar can thicken over time before it starts to fade out again! :)

MyTummyTuck says:

Thanks I will take a look :)

Amanda Victoria says:

I had to walk bent over over nearly three weeks. Maybe you straightened out
too soon?

MyTummyTuck says:

How long have you been healing? Is your scar as thick and red? Just

Olivia Rodriguez says:

Yes the spasms hurt n they scare me , I think it is from a lot of scar
tissue plus fat I gained . I had great results tho and was happy for 4
years just very timid about the bad scar . I’m ok with it now that my
fiancé knows I’m a lil shy showing it . If I were to go back in time I
would not have gotten it . Maybe just lipo, because that was easy

Viktir666 says:

Thanks for response.

MyTummyTuck says:

@Mybluewindow My scar is fading more and more each week but I think it will
be another 12 months before all the redness disappears. I would think that
as it is healing it would be more obvious on pale skin due to the redness
and maybe less obvious once it fades but I’m not sure – I’ll keep you
updated – should be doing a 12 month update shortly.

MyTummyTuck says:

Thank you :)

MyTummyTuck says:

Thanks for your support! :)

cciemail says:

this looks kinda drastic! I don’t believe the scar will go away. obviously,
sugery is not the answer. if people want to loose weight, they just need to
stop stuffing their face with Cheetos and bon bons in between meals, and
get the fuck outta the house ever once and a while and do some fucking

MyTummyTuck says:

Thank you :)

labyonnette says:

Ive looked at alot of these ops and the one thing that strikes me is that
it looks extremely painful post op of course, and, was your movement
restricted ?

MyTummyTuck says:

Thank you so much for your comments, I will wait another year then perhaps
look at laser treatment for my scar. You are right you can quickly forget
how much you have improved and I am truly grateful that my ‘apron’ has gone

MyTummyTuck says:

@jasminejanea I am very lucky as i had no complications at all! I healed
quickly and got the results i wanted. :)

MyTummyTuck says:

Wow I’m so pleased for you I hope your surgery goes well. For some extra
tips and more info go to my website mytummytuck.co.uk :)))xx

zelda5553 says:

what’s a tummy tuck?

Olivia Rodriguez says:

i had a tummy tuck about 7 years ago and the scar looks just like yours
now. its really dark,;Im warning people that it hurt ALOT . i had a baby
and baad strech marks so i wanted to do it . I had one of the best drs in
santa monica, and he was great but if u scar easily , it will never go away
no matter what u put on it.. and u cant gain weight later on , i have bad
stomach spasms on my scar.

Goldenreaper46 says:

Your belly button is open

vzlanaantetodo says:

Every body scars differently … You could still cover that with a bathing
suit,your tummy tuck looks great!

Viktir666 says:

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

angela mcmillan says:

put coconut oil on it every day.i swear it works.

MI ZOHAR says:


shourov123bd says:

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Tanvir Amin says:

hey hey! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard
some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got hot Six pack abs
and lost a ton of fat with it.

MyTummyTuck says:

Thank you for your kind comment :-)

Le nonya says:

I saw an amazing pic of a women whom had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and later
got a beautiful tattoo to hide the scar

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