Tummy time exercises for your baby

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http://www.sunnybrook.ca // Tummy time exercises for your baby – instructions from Sunnybrook’s Women & Babies Program staff.

When you take your baby home from the hospital, you will have been given instructions to put your baby to sleep on his or her back. But because of this, we need to give the baby opportunities to develop shoulder and abdominal muscles, and to prevent flattening of the back or side of the baby’s head.

Every time you change your baby’s diaper, turn your baby gently over onto his or her tummy. Gently put pressure on his or her bum, and bring his or her elbows in front of the shoulders. This will encourage your baby to lift his or her head. Do this for one or two minutes to ensure good strength of your baby’s shoulder and abdominal muscles.


Belkasem Soufi says:

Peace be upon you possible help I have a daughter then trouble nerves six months

XTruant II says:

Does this work with female babies as well?

siva ranjani says:

When want to start the tummy time? From 3rd month

Guochun Zhang says:

Such a cutie!

Gracy Toy Schultz says:

What a cute and beautiful baby he is.

Shamika Gordon says:

Thank you so much for this information.

Kemi Pullen says:

Coolest baby ever, please i want to know when to this practical its after the baby most have eaten or before eating ? And i want to know how many day old baby is the baby so i can know when to start doing it for my baby becauae very very soon and soon he will arrive.

KL 14 Media says:

Baby tooo thz actvt

David Sullivan says:

What a terrific baby you have there.
I'm going to put my own baby on her belly too. :)

siraj S says:

Very cute baby Masha Allah

Jared Fogle says:

what about if CPS wrongfully snatched your newborn under false allegations in the hospital?

Minh-Tuan Ta says:

How early can we start this exercise?

Linda Calfee says:

Hundreds even thousands of babies have survived with out of these tummy time there No manufacturing direction every babies different so what work with one may not work with the next it’s a live and learn deal old ideas aren’t bad just old

Lanie Tolentino says:

My baby sleep on his stmach every time is that okay? And he can hold his head by his own

littlean24 says:

My baby hates tummy time. He always has. If you place him on his belly, he gets pissed and dips himself onto his back almost immediately. He will only do tummy time lying on my chest

Chocolate says:

I just melted

watvid1 says:

How long after feeding should you do this, I guessing at least 30 minutes

Jane Doe says:

Awhhh. He is soooo cutee

TeenMomTo baby.J says:

Why not just ask the dad they are pros

Osvaldo Aufiero says:

***Babies don't need tummy time*** And it is actually not good for them (that is why they don't really like it) http://www.parentingworx.co.nz/fantastic-reading/emmi-piklers-8-guiding-principles/ Please read Key Principle No. 5

marie watson says:

Soooo how did babies "strengthen their neck muscles" before Tummy Time was a thing? With the exception of children with some sort of physical disability, all babies eventually have enough strength to hold their own heads up. It just comes with growth. This is unnecessary and possibly harmful (they're basically doing a li'l workout).

Bubblegum Witch says:

My! That baby is so calm! Whenever my boy isn't dressed, he cries and he absolutely hates to be on his tummy! I still make him do some exercises but he whines throughout it.

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