Tummy Shield – Seat Belt Protection When Driving While Pregnant for Pregnant Mothers

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Tummy Shield http://www.TummyShield.com

Protection for pregnant mothers and unborn babies in the event of a car crash. The Tummy Shield redirects the lap portion of a seat belt protecting the pregnant mother and unborn baby in the event of an auto accident.

Brought to you by the safe driving experts at SafeRide4Kids:


SafeRide4Kids says:

Are you pregnant? Is the seat belt so uncomfortable it feels like it is
strangling your pregnant belly?

That’s how I used to feel when I was pregnant. I had to hold the seat belt
away from my belly with my thumb otherwise it put pressure on my bladder
and dug into my low belly. Even though I wore it “correctly” it was so
super uncomfortable! And I wondered if it could really be safe with my baby
right there.

This would have been my solution, if only it had been available then…

SafeRide4Kids says:

Want to know more about the Tummy Shield and how it increases COMFORT and
SAFETY for PREGNANT MOMS-TO-BE? Watch this: http://youtu.be/pJjkSQzSJiA

kaylovshim says:

This is why you lift up your belly and place the lap portion of the belt
under it!! The belt shouldnt sit that high on the belly anyways. Pregnant
or not. 

SafeRide4Kids says:

The Tummy Shield – Seat Belt Protection when driving while pregnant

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