Try Not to Laugh – Funniest Babies on the Planet

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Janet Williamson says:

They are all simply adorable!

Katie von Gremp says:

The baby sleeping and smiling. So cute!

Bella's fun and more! says:

do u think its funny when a baby is talking to you and you pertend to understand but you dont

BillyBob Kumar says:

Gotta love the sleep laughing kid!

GEO POLITICS saurabh jain says:

darty black boy

kynslees kloset says:

I. Like. White. People. Not. Black. So. I. Love. This. So much but it's 6:07 a.m. right now I said there's like a baby shower laughing or crying sobaby stuff so I like this anyway but I don't like these black people cuz talk about black people

tessamersus says:

10:29 Cutest, most beautiful baby on planet Earth!!! OMG I just melted seeing those little cheeks!

TEXtuRe of lIfe says:

I wish all this baby a good future and they can take breath with no boundaries …

Mimi 83 says:

Lol that no ma'am was clear

sandra ann says:

That baby is so pretty looks like a baby doll

Paulinha Nóbrega says:

Cada BB feio

H Mattson says:

My favorite was the little girl singing her letters such a cutey

Justine says:

1:29 It's that tenn from the walking dead the final season

Lo Ca says:

3:00 Wow that's some level of cruel.

William Holloway says:

What will these kids say when they’re older

Maria Flores says:

this is not funny at all !!!!!!!!

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