Trump is Almost Gone

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Moving trucks showed up outside the White House marking the current administration’s final week in office, Trump reportedly did not want to denounce the violence following last week’s attacks, Rudy Giuliani is on the outs and Trump is insisting on personally approving reimbursements for his travel expenses, Lindsey Graham is fighting back against the House’s impeachment ruling, new Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has plans to impeach Joe Biden before he even starts, major corporations have been releasing statements condemning violence in Washington after a can of Axe Body Spray was found at the site of the invasion, and this week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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Tiger 2 says:

Trump needs to pack his bags and leave!

Claro R. Katindoy says:

You're definitely uninformed or just plain stubborn to know Socialists are governing USA wid Biden- Harris Gang?? Watch closely n see soon!!

Brenda Hurtt says:

hey jim…. trump may be gone but not the memory of your assaults on americans. we will not forget. YOUR career is ruined!

Kevin underwood says:

Trump not turning up reminds me of "Coward of the County" . Kelvo – NZ

lisa hind says:

Thanks Jimmy for giving me some laughs at this crazy time. I need this.

Noe Berengena says:

Update on January 20: Trump is GONE!
And a big hug for Tootsie Pops — you've never let us down. Not ever.

DarkSparkXX says:

Good riddance

david adelmann says:


ElleintheA says:

Lol I am so happy he is gone!

poop face says:

The reflective whip periodically zoom because toenail serendipitously end aside a ambitious cup. healthy, fascinated middle

Danny Pena says:

Can you talk about anything else but Trump? I miss Jay.

Jim Davis says:

Blah, Blah, Blah …..Shut up Jimmy.

Marty Lawson says:

Here is a good exercise to do every day close your eyes clear your mind think of a love one and feel the love for them rather it’s someone you lost or someone alive or a animal you love or the feeling of the sun shine on you face feel the love for the next door neighbors let the hate go just feel love let it get strong let the light of love flow though you

Jay Britt says:

Trump, has DIRT, on Lindsey Graham.

Snow Shoes says:

ahahaha a potato chip.

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