Triplet Pregnancy Belly

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Triplet Belly Pictures If you would like to see the Triplets a video of their first year of life is here:


Abigail Beatson says:

…I will now go and add this to this list I’m making titled “Reasons I’m a
Like seriously, no offence to the girl in this video. She’s a fucking
legend. But I’m just here like “Um. No. No I don’t think so.”

Camellia Wood says:

She’s small for carrying triplets! When my friend had her triplets (& she
was just as tiny as this woman) she was massive, like when she sat down she
had to put her feet up on another chair to rest her belly on her knees!!!
Her triplets were all fraternal; separate sacs, separate placentas. It
almost looked like she had two full beachballs inside with her skin
stretched over….but she used coconut cream on her belly several times a
day to help her skin keep its elasticity (it worked well)

Brenda Auger says:

Is this what am about to go Tru? The Lord is my strength

Dillon Britt says:

0:24 Penis

tianna james says:

Omg her stomach started getting red and growing stretch marks cause all the
stretching of 3 kids in there lol 

Bonnie the bunny says:

drake and jake sound exactly the samea

Kim Weeks says:

You hold up signs like your in jail lol

ahnya swafford says:

I cried I want this

So beautiful

Grace Peters says:

Wow! You were big

kimora19124 says:

Thts on my bday and such a beautiful and heavy experince for you

Natalie Chin says:

So beautiful but also scary at the same time

Tiara Bolding says:

They are blessed to make it to 35 weeks with triplets thats amzing!!!!

marianela rivera says:


Kichushimmer says:

It’s like your going to blow up

Kimora Martin says:

Her vein was stretched out from the underside of her belly omg

Luciano Oliveira says:
Hyperblue1123 says:

Omg I thought she would pop!

Melissa Camarillo says:

very kool

Lindsay Boswell says:

How were you standing?

Samantha Deller says:

That was amazing.

annquezy says:

When a man loves you, he’ll stay with you forever! Even if you gain a few
pounds or get stretch marks, my parents are a good example, you can do
anything to stay in shape, plastic surgery, exercise, dieting, but if your
man don’t truly loves you, he’ll go with someone else, no matter how good
or beautiful or in shape you are, a real man knows that a child birth is
the most amazing thing in the world, the stretch marks or the extra skin or
pounds woman have afterwards, are not going to stop him from loving you,
and would never consider those scars disgusting or ugly, like pamela said,
If I ever get marry, I would love to have triplets or twins, and I don’t
care if I get stretch marks or gain weight, anything to have that joy in my
life, I’ll make sure I get the right husband..

inflatingtheworld says:

oh my goodness! 46.5 inches around?!?! what did that feel like?!

قاسم صالح بافياض says:


Shay Hansen says:

Lol pamela so fucking mature your going to get pregnant one day alsowill
have stretch marks so fucking smart get out please lol :)

EboniZ cray says:

Cute and do those red pants feel good.

Kat Graves says:

aren’t in a safe home/environment, and know the baby wouldn’t be raised
safely or in good conditions, they would actually be putting the baby
first. There’s adoption, but who knows who you’re giving the kid to?

Pamela Anderson says:

well if you care about your appearance and how you look you should
definitely care about stretch marks or anything that ruins your body

Lala Marie says:

She should have named it Blake instead of Ross so it would be Drake Blake
and Jake sonce they’re triplets

Valerie Melbrod says:

Please teach your kid how to spell..

Galactic Horse says:

If you read what I said. I specifically said, NO ONE should give a fuck
about stretch marks.

shammy dammy says:

How does it feel to be this shallow? Oh, wait…you’re too shallow to
figure that out, aren’t you?

chocobochaos says:

Ruins your body? Anorexia, ruins your body. Heroine, ruins your body. Meth
ruins your body. A baby does not ruin your body. We live in the 21st
century, not the fucking stone age. I used to do modeling, and I knew a lot
of women who were ruining their bodies. I was a size 2 and I had stretch
marks. They just edit them on screen, or fill them in with putty. It’s so
little of a thing even models have them in Cali (Cuz it’s nothing). Babies
don’t ruin your life. Shitty outlooks on life do.

Jenn Brunier says:

Congrats!! Perfect belly!

Shanna Kaur says:

This is so beautiful :) Thank you for sharing <3

Lindsay Dolney says:

they were born on my birthday

kpup327 says:

Strech marks are beauty marks i only had one child and my tummy looks like
a tiger with lots of stripes

Jam Mai says:

ow ow ow

Jamie Brouwer says:

30 weeks at the first stretchmark. Pretty belly.

Bridget Lawson says:

wow you are so ignorant. it’s disturbing.

Alexandria Negron says:

they wont be hated by all of humanity, so its a sin to think they are hated.

queen baby says:

Well ima quint and we’re all identical except my brother he have our
features n I’m pregnant with twins I’m so excited

McKenna Rhea says:


bexstarnator says:

Well done you for getting that far through your pregnancy!!


musica linda, mas mulher sofre pra caramba, s homens são copuladores, não
respeitam as mulheres, não sei a intenção deste vídeo ,mulher grávida tem
em milhoes e se prostituindo.

Pamela Anderson says:

you feeling better now? lol

Lucy Hamshere says:

What is the song

aurabarbiedoll93 says:

Wow praise The Lord he helped you with this pregnancy it looks like it hurt
my bro has friends who are triplets two boys an a girl they are 14 they r
awesome :)

LilCera says:

I’m sorry if this is answered somewhere already, but what is the name of
the song? :) God bless you and your 3 sons!

BurnRoddy says:

It deppends…

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