Toren in utero (37 weeks) – baby moving inside mother’s belly

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We probably shot close to 3 hours of footage of Toren moving inside Debi. We got some pretty good footage, but this shot – directly at her belly – is hands down the best. If you watch it closely you’ll be able to see a side profile of Toren all at once (his head is down and his legs are up). He is facing toward the left of your screen. You’ll see a V-shape – that is one of his legs, kicking to the left. This is a clip from a much longer video (about 30 minutes) showing all the highlights. Due to YouTube posting length limitations, I’m just posting this portion.

The video shows an entire profile of the Toren as an unborn fetus. It’s pretty remarkable footage of a baby moving inside the uterus and probably the best footage I’ve seen of a child moving inside it’s mother’s belly.


kellycappuchino101 says:

It actually is pretty disgusting. And the only argument anyone has against
it is “well you were inside your mother too so no, it’s BeAuTIFULLLL!!!!”
Literally no it’s not.

It looks like that scene on Alien Vs. Predator when the baby alien/predator
is inside people’s bodies and just starts moving around before they pop

Hideyoshi Kinoshita says:

That’s disgusting.

Donatella Aaa says:

people when you comment that this is kinda gross you just look like
stupids, how can you think that?? how were you born?? in an egg or what??
this is so beautifuL!!!!!

Molly MH says:

urgh…weird. and you’re gonna have to push that out of your vagina,
horrible fdgdfgd

Jeremy Martin says:

OK mothers out there. Would this not be painful with that much movement? I
had the honor of feeling a baby kick once, but nothing like this!
#motherhood #babies 

1VeganMom says:

+Ryan Cragun This vid is BEAUTIFUL!!!! my DAUGHTER! did that at about the
same time… the reason for CAPS is simple…. you referred to Toren as a
FETUS! why??? it is OBVIOUS that there is FULL SIZED BABY in there…. I
am in awe of the Miracle of life and this vid… however you should have
CHECKED your wording in the description BEFORE posting. I have shared
this, as it is beautiful.

To the VILE IDIOTS who call this disgusting… YOU are why condoms were

Bill Voelker says:

And it’s not uncommon to abort babies at this stage.

thejudester1000 says:

Beautiful! I think people have been watching too many movies about aliens,
which is why this video is unsettling to them.

TheEtherny says:

This was very weird to watch, for some reason I feel my legs weak.

cilluzza08 says:

I think that only who went thru this experience can understand it. It’s
amazing and beautiful!! 

Mythbuster says:

Just make sure he’s not winding his Umbilical cord around his neck while
doing this… It’s how I myself got put on this earth and apparantly it
might’ve caused me to get ADHD due to lack of oxygen. So yea… 

Ali-Reza Anghaie says:

Oh wow… this is going to be an interesting family video later in life.

simmsquee says:

It’s a wonderful, miraculous feeling for mothers everywhere to experience
this, I’m sure. I’m still entitled to want to scream and run away.

Joanna Cardella says:

My son moved this much but I only ever saw it from my side(never recorded
it and haven’t known pregnant women lol). Cool to see what it looked like
to other people.

KriegProductions says:

*Opens his list of Feminist alternative names for an unborn baby*

I’m not sure any of these apply too terrible well….

mysticshadow2003 says:

What’s labelled head is more likely an elbow and arm, you can see it’s
outline a few times near the end. Head would be considerably lower than
that. Amazing video though, havent seen one this clear before.


This looks like you could almost pinch the leg or butt…can you? looks a
little painful…

Amonas Tayoual says:

Having never been close enough to a woman that was pregnant to ask if I
could watch, or better yet, feel the baby move, I think this is very cool!
Thank you!

Benjamin Pearce says:

I had a similar thing last Sunday morning after putting too much chilli
sauce on my Saturday-night kebab. Where’s my inspiring video eh? EH?!

dubi186 says:

I hate to tell but there is someone inside your belly lady!!!!!!!!!!!! just
kidding ……….congrats.. by the way does it hurt???

sheimi91 says:

Is this a pleasant feeling? Not like reassuring “yay, my baby’s safe and
oh-so-lively!” but a genuinely pleasant one? Looks freaky. It must be
painful if the kid kicks your internal organs or a bladder.

Bùi Đoàn Tường Vy says:

You have a beautiful belly.

Dusk Gardens says:

Gosh, the “you were in your mamma’s belly once” is BS. That was our
parents’ choices, not ours. Now, as a fully grown woman, I think I’m able
to say that this looks sick and that I’m glad I’ll never have to endure it.
If you want to do this to your body, it’s your business, but it does help
make good birth control, so thanks for the video. I think.

primroseawlays6 says:

Not sure whether to be amazed or terrified…

Debi Livingston says:

Incredibly beautiful! Life is such a miracle <3

Kristy Axelrod says:

I’m so glad I got fixed so I wouldn’t have a parasite like that! Nope, not
for me! 

thierbox says:

THis is so nice. The baby want to go out already. 

Gustav Nilsson says:

I don’t know why but this reminds me of Alien.

JChristofer says:

Life’s greatest miracle!

marjolein leeman says:

people are so funny 😛 its beautiful only because its natural? i take a
shit every day, which is also natural, don’t find it very beautiful tho..
either way.. is anyone else reminded of the movie alien? 

Richard Robinson says:

life what a beautiful sight

BeautifulMyrical1 says:

Im 36 weeks now nd think its weird but its also beautiful! I love to watch
my son move.

ivana krizanovic says:

Put a GoPro in there.

Wilbert Lek says:

“This is Seven to the Bridge, Mr. Tuvok the body of Lt. Torres has been
infiltrated by an alien life form. Please send security to the engineering
bay. Dr. we need your help as well.”….

Cool video.
And a question: does it hurt?

The Three Musketeers says:

I just wasted 1:37 of my life 

Angela Morton says:

This is so creepy to me. The music makes it worse.

tinyfeet101 says:

child birth is fucking disgusting…anyone who says its a beautiful thing
is a liar…its nasty….cool thing….but nasty

AliceElric says:

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Ashley Lopez says:

Yea it’s pretty common. Lol. It’s always cool and feels crazy but wonderful
at the same time. My daughter was big so I felt her a lot she flipped and
turned. It was like she was doing summersaults. I got her on video too. My
son was smaller and early and I was heavier so it wasn’t to the extent my
daughter did

Rosa Gonzalez says:

I can’t understand how anyone would find this disgusting… It’s so
beautiful to me :)

New Age Pregnancy says:

A heartwarming and sweet moment! Check this out!
#mustseevideo #pregnancy #youtube 

Xeender Kris says:

This is the best thing on this world!!! :D

Birthright International says:

Baby Does Some Serious Moves Inside Mom’s Belly, Whoa! [VIDEO]

Doppelgangsta says:

That is the best feeling in the world. I miss it .

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