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Starr Ni'cole says:

Before I got pregnant I was so excited. It was really just a dream. Here I am 26 weeks pregnant and I'm so over it. I can only imagine my third trimester. Like no one ever tells you the real pregnancy struggles. When I say they are real. I mean it.

Tiara l says:

omg my life right now. ty for this video

Mia My Engel Lehmann says:

There is also a 'crystal' deodorant. It's made out of salt and lasts for a million years :)

Elena Bear says:

Aaryn (amaaazing name btw!) thank you so much for this video. I can relate sooo much! I feel so surprised by how I feel and how I look and I'm only 11w 5d! My husband is taking such good care of me, but our relationship is definitely a little different already. And I've made the mistake of reading miscarriage horror stories and totally freaked myself out so I'm glad you warned others not to do that! I love that you put this info out there bc I'm like "Omg yes!" throughout the whole video! Thanks girl!

TheSquishStine says:

I'm just wrapping up my first trimester and have been struggling. Not because I'm sick but the mental battle and "fantasy" expectations. Hearing someone else describe it is so soothing just knowing I'm not alone.
And that meal prep! I've always been a clean eater but my goodness have I hit up the fast food industry strictly from exhaustion and poor planning. And dehydration. Always. I struggled with this pre pregnancy too. And always hungry! Must do better!
Thank you for making this video.

livamilAVA says:

the only thing i dont understand – searching for a eco-organic deodorant, but applying a tanner is normal. its all chemicals going in your body and into the kid… why would you do that?

Des Schnell says:

Head over to my channel and check out my personal tips and hacks for pregnancy! :)

Maria Perez says:

I'm so happy I watched this sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy n my sensitivity level is on anotha level everything u said seriously I'm going thru

Evan Loyola says:

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nk iroh says:

this is enjoyable,thanks

Maria Perez says:

after we settled for another baby with my spouse, we went for the “wucu shocking plan” (Google it)Please visit Google to understand why this formula is bettering so many lives. I grasped that I would be a mother in a few months after following the plan and improved my dietary for 3 months. This book has changed my life, in spite of the fact that I am in the aged.

Monsse Del Angel says:

you remind me of Mary Kate & Ashley…

May Ebbeni says:

the one symptom of pregnancy that I didn't mind at all was the weight loss.. I am 32 weeks pregnant and I have lost 10 pounds so far.. I lost more but finally I started putting on weight about a week ago.. but I started on the heavy side any ways and I eat very healthy food. but she is so right.. if you don't plan your meals for the week you will end up eating junk! I am so lucky that both me and my husband started eliminating sugar and carbs even before I was pregnant.. but I am those kind of people that losing weight is very difficult.. I was not eating at all for the first 3 months to the limit that I would almost faint and lost only 10 pounds in these 3 months. but Fruit really helps me to satisfy my sweet tooth and also I felt they help a lot with digestion.. but I have had so many different kind of pains that would drive me to tears but I can't wait to see and hold my baby boy..

Trena Little says:

Thank you for being so honest! Pregnancy it's always rainbows and butterflies and I think its amazing that you have the strength to share with all of us to let us know we aren't alone

Cortni Jackson says:

I appreciate this video because it is the most honest thing I have heard about pregnancy. Everything else I've seen has been so glazed over

Emma Riley says:

what was the wrap thing after giving birth. what does it look like.

Taylah Brennan says:

Hey Aaryn,
I have just found out I'm pregnant too and I'm 24 thanks so much for sharing your journey it's helped me so much !!

Jess Beary says:

your absolutely stunning im nearly 14 weeks pregnant and I love watching your videos :-)

Debi Remaley says:

Bravo ! Thank you for being real ! I am sharing this with my daughter who is in her first trimester with her first baby

Annette Blackwell says:

I'm 36. Everything you said was SPOT ON!!

Josh Salia says:

Love your videos, but I'm confused: You take a DHA, but DHA from tanning is bad?

Tiana-Rose says:

I can relate so much! Im only 19 and i feel like my whole life is upside down. I didnt plan on having children until at least 35 ..

Alexis Sears says:

I literally relate to you so much!! I live in Texas, I've only been married for a little over a year and we got pregnant way faster than we ever imagined possible and I wonder all the time if we knew how fast we would get pregnant would we have waited longer? I love your channel and it's so nice to have someone to listen to and relate to!

Kristy Dee says:

I just use aloe Vera gel w/ the Doppler..cheaper & works great!

Virginia Lupino says:

thank you for your tutorials i was really down today.

Nadichou Sinistra says:


Natalie says:

Where's all the links you said would be down below =

winifred Harry says:

You are so beautiful, great video

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