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Annika Richter says:

omg this is so very nice

Lovely day says:

So cute … This movies is very funny

supin saringam says:


supin saringam says:


Eilan Omar says:

Not funny

ramjan adtiya says:

very very nice

Jamey McCurry says:

0:36 love at first lick

Gaming With Chicken says:

Da Frik?

mary nwata says:

very funny :)

Sonja M. says:

disgusting. dogs should not lick babies

Lashinka 25 says:

lots of cuteness here, but nothing particularly funny sorry to say. I didn't laugh once. :/

seismis says:

What a cute dog.
And the thing on the left is pretty cute too.

april onalmos says:

grosssss,,!!!not funny!! i feel pity with those babies licked by cats and dogs,,

april onalmos says:

wtf!!idiot parent how could u let those animals lick d face and mouth of ur kids!!!!

Mansi Dharia says:

lovely babies

seriyye seriyye says:

Cox sirin usaqdi

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