Tips How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy! How I Lost Weight After Having A Baby! Before&After Pics!

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Hey Guys! For this video I wanted to share how i lost the 45 pounds that I gained while pregnant! I also added pictures of before i was pregnant, while i was pregnant, right after i had my baby, and I how i look now 17 months postpartum. I hope you guys can benefit from the tips that helped me. I love You All So Much!

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Celeste Suarez says:

Omg I love you. Thank you for making this video ♥️

Daily Dae says:

Wellllllllllllllll. I was 230 when I first got pregnant I’m damn near 300 now.

Katie C says:

u cant do that if you are breastfeeding

yvette says:

I needed this thank you…new sub

Amber Sampson says:

I love this video it really helped I love your honesty & how you motivated me to workout in different fun ways defiantly getting to it ! ❤️❤️❤️

Valerie Ascencio says:

Omg finally someone understands me. I’m 5’1 and 140-135 looks horrible on me cause I just look so big.

Elizabeth Perdue says:

I was always 110 and under. My first child I gained 5 whole lbs, he was tiny.
Second baby, 70 lbs. I was so depressed. He was 11 lbs at birth.
Third baby – 20 lbs and she was born 11 lbs too.
My youngest is 6 now and I was still 150 lbs. I'm so depressed over it. People always say you're not fat blah blah. They're right I'm not fat but I'm big for ME. I'm used to being small. I love being small. My husband loves my new thickness but I'm over it. I've been working out a lot and eating healthy. In the last month I've lost 5 lbs but my mom pooch just won't go away. I'm guessing it's because I had 3 c sections. But I'm gonna do some of the things you suggest and see how it works.

Suru's Diary says:

Nice video dear

Quincy Faytaren says:

Hi, How many months after giving birth did you start biking/swimming? Thanks in advance!

Irene Bernal says:

When did you start biking? I am 6 weeks postpartum via c section. I love to bike but I am scared to do it too early.

Alaska jones says:

i'm 5'3 and before i had my son i was 135 and post baby i'm 177 and i've been really insecure about myself but this video really helped me and motivate me to reach my goal weight (which is my pre baby weight) thank you ❤️

yvonne rodriguez says:

I used to think in my freshman to sophomore year of high school I used to think I was fat and I look back at old pictures and I wasn’t I wore a size 4 jeans and small to medium shirts and my body and how I looked in clothes really started to bother me once I became pregnant with twins wnd once I had them I hated the way I looked after and I was eating good for the first three months I was losing weight and then out of nowhere I started eating bad again bc once of month cheat days would turn into once a week to each day I was eating worse and worse and fast forward to two years later I became pregnant again and this time around I ate better in my pregnancy so I would feel better after I gave birth well now o gave birth to my daughter a little over a month again and I still haven’t had the motivation to eat better I just eat less of the bad stuff and now that I can workout it’s hard for me to find time with three kids but today i started after watching your video increasing the workouts more each day and start to fix my eating habits again

Liv Dressler says:

Needed this video! I don't necessarily need to be skinny just to be skinny, but I want to be healthy and fit to keep up with my son, to set a good example, to go on family outings and not have to worry about what I look like, to feel like a confident bad ass momma who can focus on being a good mother and wife for my boys! You laid it all out and it sounds simple, but you also made it sound doable. Thank you!!

Mackenzi Lowery says:

I feel you on the weight dont look good on short girls, I'm 5'2 and usually 110 ,and I just had a baby and I was 163 at the end and shes 6 weeks now and I'm stuck at 140 and I look fat

Jade Colagross says:

Before I got pregnant I was fluctuate between 135-140. She turned 1 last Friday and I’m 155. This late 15 pounds is bothering me really bad.

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