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What self-care do you think is important during pregnancy? Here are my top 10 pieces of advice for anyone pregnant with baby #1 or baby #6!

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Larissa K. says:

I seriously cannot wait until I can use these with my second baby. A doula is something I will always have when I give birth now, after my horrible eperience haha. Thanks for this video!

every super woman says:

Next baby around, I'm hoping for a home birth also. And Ina May's book is the childbirth bible!

Amber Crawford says:

So happy I came across your channel. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my first baby and this was so so helpful!

Yanira Sesniak says:

Erika, thank you so much for sharing this video with me today. I LOVED it. Specifically, I appreciate the tip about nettle tea since I was looking for some variety with my raspberry tea. And I'm incredibly excited to try JNANTIK, I have never heard about this until your video tonight. I'm going to Pomegranate Cafe in the next week to try it since I'm totally missing my coffee. And one more thank you for the recommendation of Zoe's Belly Oil at Target. I'll be picking up on some of that soon enough :)

Julie Levings says:

I just had my first water birth at home and it was the best experience ever. So spiritual and relaxing. I was able to sleep through my contractions. Some of my suggestions are to make a rice sock in case you get back labor or back pain. This was. Huge lifesaver. Just get any rice and add to a tube sock and tie it in a knot. You can microwave it as often and even cook the rice later lol. I also recommend making a vision board. My friends made me one at my baby shower and it was amazing when I was getting tired and needed some written encouragement. Especially seeing verses and special notes from my family. I left it by my bath tub..I also took hypnobirthing classes and did perineal massages and when I sort of had a small panic attack my midwife took me back mentally to that place of all the hard work I did and it really kept me from quitting and getting discouraged. I'm sure the book you suggested discusses similar things.. Like positive affirmations. Praying you have a smooth birth!

maja2718 says:

I LOVED this video and would love to see more pregnancy-related videos of any kind! You are glowing and I wish you the best these last several weeks until baby gets here!

dnf Messina says:

Thanks for the great video! Do you color your hair or wear nail polish during your pregnancy? If so, what kinds? Thanks again!!!

Nourished Beauty says:

It's really bad this video gives me baby fever, because we've definitely closed up baby shop! Amazing tips though! I agree, that book is number one to read while pregnant. Ina Mays is incredible and her YouTube videos were so helpful for me as well. It's funny many of the things I started using during pregnancy, have now become staples in my life even afterwards. I'm body oil obsessed and will never live without it now! Then the nettle and raspberry leaf tea I use all the time too. Alfalfa is another amazing nutrient dense herb I drink as tea too! I like them as bases for blends I make with different flavors. During my last pregnancy which took place all through summer, I loved steeping an entire gallon or more, then stored it in the fridge for iced tea which was so amazing to have on hand. With fresh lemon it was perfection!

lec9077 says:

Going to try out some nettle teas now! Thanks for the great info!

MissRosellaAnn says:

You look amazing erika! Im not pregnant but these are some great tips to keep in mind when i am! thanks for sharing!

Stacey Gratz says:

Great video! I know we've talked about it before but I am a doula and I love it! I have also explained my position to mothers as the Maid of Honor of a women's birth!

Green Life In Dublin says:

Great video! I will make sure to bookmark it as send to some girlfriends of mine :) Hope you are doing great and life is treating you well :) xo

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