TIPS FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY: What to eat during pregnancy + Exercise

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Sharing my current pregnancy routine. It includes what I like to eat a.k.a my pregnancy diet, maternity products I use and pregnancy exercises. Belly Bottle:
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KoalaBubs Australia says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your current pregnancy routine!❤️❤️❤️

Jared Brodersen, Broken Romeo says:

Wow, looks like you know what you're doing with the healthy food and I think exercising daily like that is a good idea. I had no idea flossing was that important for pregnant women and didn't know a lack of it could cause problems with birth weight. How interesting. And that's cute, your dog is named "Chubbers," haha. Thanks for sharing, Jaqi G.

Fun Cooking and More says:

Please make more pregnancy what I eat in a day. What are your weekly symptoms now?

Natalie Mosack says:

You are so beautiful and your home is gorgeous, I love the decor! I use the earth balance spread too, it tastes just like real butter it's amazing! I love your channel, and I hope you have a great day and a healthy pregnancy :)

Rachel Pak says:

your channel is awesome! hope you can check mine out and maybe we can sub each other! (:

Julia Whatt says:

Great video! Can't wait to see your baby!

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