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Hey Loves! As promised here is the tips video I talked about in my last labor and delivery video! I really hope this video helps at least one person and gives you a sense of confidence and affirmation that you can do it!


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Chosen Levi says:

U had an unmedicated (pain meds) birth . Not a Natural one which is vaginal with NO MEDICAL INTERVENTION …
IVs ,oxygen, hospital, cervical checks etc r all medical intervention. No pain meds doesn’t make it natural

Cheyenne On Purpose says:

Thank you so much, Loved these tips! So excited!! #34weeksthirdtrimester

jusmae75 says:

Thanks for that info looking forward to following those tips.

Dawn Ekeoma Unaji says:

Wowww thanks this is beautiful

Aga Chy8a9pjhv pqlk0q0q9k1jooiuj vmb vbkhk 7o says:

I am more afraid of epidural that natural labour. I have 2 kids alreafy and pregnant with 3rd one now and i cant imagine not going natural

Roxy Peña says:

Thank so much for putting out this video I'm 7 months pregnant with my first baby and I really needed this raw video please upload more of these types of videos

Venissa Gray says:

Thanks so much and that was exactly what i was gonna do no joke.

Maggie Drag says:

Long intros drive me mental, this is the case

Jasmine G says:

Not pregnant but definitely watching for future reference. Thank you. ❤️

Gloria M says:

GIRL no wonder you think your tips helped, your labor was only 4 hours lol lucky you!!

Teo Buicliu says:

tip no 1: we must be 20 years old

Glori Altamirano says:

☺️ OK now I am pumped !!!

Shovava says:

I wish people would stop calling this PAIN, because that's exactly what your mind will focus on… rather call it "sensation". Everyone is different, but there will be a flood of amazing hormones such as Oxytocin that will alleviate uncomfortable sensations – focus on that. Otherwise tips are fine.

Glenis goodchild says:

Im watching because im afraid of needles

LilBitOfScripture says:

Yasss! Dim lights! And TV off! I had 3 natural and it's kinda like having a migraine in your vajayjay! Silence and darkness is key for focusing on having a good natural epi free labor

83prettyblack says:

You are so pretty and thank you for sharing.

TheSuperAlbeee says:

Question; when you say to push at the end of the contractions, did you also have the midwife there telling you to push or were you just pushing lightly yourself at the end of contractions? Did you also do any sort of meditation or birthing classes before labour?

Brittany Henley says:

Oooomg so much hair touching! Lol worth it for the good tips though

Victoria Oliver says:

Tips: epidural can slow labour which sucks, but if it works it’s great. Contractions focus on your breathing slow and deep and remind yourself it will soon be over and then relax and get ready for the next one. Comes to pushing. Yes it hurts but push threw the pain and tell yourself quicker the the baby comes out and it will be over no more pain and there is a overwhelming sense of relief when the baby is finally out ( minus placenta and then cramping but it’s not near the pain of getting baby’s head out)

1and only says:

I only had one epidural. I had a csection. And once you are older than 20 your body is not as strong as it was wen you had your first kid. But yes once the baby is here you thank God the pain is out your body. Once more I'm gonna go threw it. And I hope I can go threw it with no pain medication and yea at the last mint you sure do wat the meds but because it's the last big bad point to hold on and push

Danielle L. Wags says:

Third baby! Hes coming in march and I'm sooooo ready to mentally prepare for a natural drug free birth

Salena Long says:

Starts at 2:10 if your like me and not into long intros

Shuhana Yunos says:

This video is really going to help me with psyching myself up when I get pregnant. I want a natural birth too without epidural. I’m definitely going to watch this video again when I’m pregnant to constantly remind myself. Thank you !!

Misty Irons says:

Don’t rock during contractions it can wrap the cord around the baby’s neck and cause many many complications please be careful

Maribel G says:

I'm due Jan 2020 and yes
i just want to bring a healthy baby

Monica Nicanor says:

Thankyou for this advice really helped out!!

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